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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Singapore

Are You Following the Fire Safety Norms at Home?

You may not know where to buy fire extinguishers in Singapore but you can prevent fires at home by adhering to some ground rules. Fire safety measures cannot be neglected as your home and loved ones are at stake. Thus, once you have settled in your house, it’s time to inform everyone about fire safety and make your home a safer place to live.

Here are some important fire safety norms that you can easily follow at home:

Have a fire exit plan in place
It is imperative that you draw a detailed fire exit plan for every room in your house. You need to find at least two exit points in every room and inform everyone. Tell your kids to get out of the house first when they notice smoke or fire in any corner of the house.

Practicing the exit
Fire breakouts often lead to chaotic situations as every member of the family panics and try to find their way out of the house. Panic can result in disaster! If you really want all your family members to safely exit out of the house then everyone has to practice the flow. All your family members, including the kids, have to practice leaving the house quickly. Try practicing blindfolded because during a real fire the house often gets filled with smoke and you can hardly see the doors or windows.

It’s fine to break the windows
When the house is on fire, breaking the windows is absolutely fine. Yes, tell this to all your family members.

Inform them where to buy fire extinguishers from
There are several good online retailers selling home fire extinguishers in Singapore. You have to inform your family members about this so that they can purchase a fire extinguisher even in your absence. Be sure to get professionals to help you perform proper maintenance on your fire extinguisher as well to keep it in working condition.

Replacing the batteries of the smoke detectors
You need to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors every year. All equipment is subject to mechanical failure thus you need to replace the batteries and check whether the smoke alarms are working fine or not.

Close the bedroom doors while sleeping
Fire takes time to break through barriers like doors and windows, so it’s important to sleep with the bedroom doors closed if you do not live in a high-rise building. In the event of a fire break out in the night, you will get ample time to exit if the doors are closed as it will delay the fire and smoke’s entrance into your bedroom.

Fire safety practices are important if you want to avert major disasters in your home. You need to teach every family member about the importance of fire safety norms and the advantages of adhering to them.


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