Regardless of Material, All Ducts Required Some

Sprinkler Protection
FM regulations require sprinkler protection in all duct-work regardless of the duct material used. Sprinklers are required if the duct rise more than the specified height for the material used, passes through a firewall, contains combustible fumes, if the build-up of combustible residues is likely to exceed threshold levels, or if the tool being vented is flammable. If these conditions are ignored, and the sprinklers are not installed, insurance coverage may be void. Why take that chance, especially since you have to run a sprinkler main anyway?

Features and Benefits
Combining patented FlexHead sprinkler systems with the best corrosion resistant duct material, cost less than half of any non-sprinkler duct materials and provides the most cost-efficient choice exhaust duct systems. FlexHead sprinkler system also offer:

  • Labor-saving, simplified installation takes minutes instead of hours
  • Patented polybag/gasket assembly creates clean mini-environment for sprinkler head within ducts, prolonging the life of sprinkler heads and preventing production downtime caused by false alarms
  • Wide variety of mounting blocks are available to accommodate all types of exhaust ducts.
  • FM-approved right out of the box. Meets all insurance requirements
  • Eliminates need for costly access panel mounted on duct as is mandatory with hard-pipe sprinklers
  • Preventive maintenance takes 10 minutes – with NO required FAB shutdown – unlike hard-pipe
  • Flexible hoses allow for independent motion (sway) between duct and water main to compensate for duct vibration and during possible seismic activity – eliminating potential leaks, and allow for multiple design choices and flexibility during retrofit and expansion

Call for More Information
Planning the best fire protection requires careful consideration. If you would like more information on how FlexHead flexible sprinkler systems are the easiest, most reliable, and most cost-effective system available, please call (800) 829-6975 today! Or visit our website at www.flexhead.com