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Home Fire Safety: What You Should Do But Are Not Doing

The losses suffered from a fire mishap in a household is massive. Be it bodily injuries or property damages, it is a nightmare for any one. In May, a fire broke out at a Housing Board flat in Woodlands and affected the apartment above it as well. While there was no body injured, the same cannot be said about the property. Could this have been prevented? While it is true that no one will ever want to be at fault in such occurrences, there are still precautions you can observe to minimize the possibility of a fire happening.

There are many things you can do to prevent a fire in your household. What many fail to understand are the precautions that they have the power to implement. Calling 995 is not the only thing you can do when it comes to fire issues. What are some precautions you can take but are not doing?

1. Check your electrical appliances regularly

Is the insulation of your electrical wires still in good condition? Are there any exposed wires lying around? Many tend to ignore this and assume it is not a problem when their appliances still work even though the wires are exposed. What they fail to consider is the likelihood of these wires sparking a fire. They may face a bigger loss in an attempt to save money. Also, ensure that your plugs and extension plugs are not overloaded as it can easily create sparks as well.

2. Cook responsibly

Never leave your stove unattended when you are cooking. This is what many become complacent about. You may assume that with no flammable materials around, it is completely safe to leave it unwatched. However, you never know when something may fly in, come in contact with the stove and catch fire. Food that has been overcooked on the stove may also catch fire. When it comes to fire, you should not make any assumptions.

3. Prepare a fire extinguisher at home

Get a fire extinguisher from a reliable fire extinguisher supplier in Singapore. This is not something that many households will commonly think of having. However, it could be what saves you, your family and your house from a huge fire. Even if the fire started in your house is very small, you will be rendered helpless if you have nothing to fight it with. It is strongly encouraged for each household to have a small fire extinguisher in their house because the fires that occur in houses often start out small. It grows in volume because there was nothing to contain it in the first place.

4. Prepare a fire emergency kit

You should prepare a kit that you can grab and go when an emergency occurs. This may include medications, torch lights, drink bottles, whistles and many other necessities. If you’d like, you can place all your important documents in it as well.

By giving considering and practising these tips, you are doing your part in fire prevention and fire safety. Take charge of your own house and the well-being of your family.


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