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Type of Fire Extinguisher Singapore

How to Find the Right Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Company

Whether it is for the fire safety of a household or a commercial establishment, it is undoubtedly a priority to ensure your fire extinguisher is well maintained and workable. That is why, when it comes to hiring a fire extinguisher servicing company in Singapore, you need to be extra cautious. There are a number of companies that offer quality fire extinguisher maintenance service. However, it is imperative to research properly before hiring a proper fire extinguisher servicing company and opt for the one that is well experienced. Here are certain points that you need to consider before you hire a fire extinguisher servicing company in Singapore.

Familiar with the Laws and Regulations of Fire Safety
Every type of business has to follow certain laws and rules of thumb. Of them, one of the most vital rules are the ones that are related to fire safety. Hence, the first thing that you need to look into a company is whether it is familiar with the rules and regulations related to fire and safety, which pertains to your business. You also need to know whether the fire extinguisher servicing company is well equipped and have enough experience to provide regular and proper maintenance of the fire extinguishers. This is extremely important, for any laxity in this aspect may prevent you from enjoying the insurance coverage in the event of a mishap. In S’pore, qualified fire extinguishers servicing companies are usually certified and listed by SCDF or it’s appointed certifying bodies.

Personal and Company Responsibility
On your part, you need to be ready with whatever you are expected to do. Your business unit needs to be equipped with a proper fire alarm system that can warn you in case of any fire in a timely manner. On the other hand, the company that you select should be responsible for providing proper training on fire drills and safety measures so that you are not caught off guard in the event of a fire outbreak.

Well-trained technicians
A proper fire extinguisher maintenance company will also provide you information, regarding accurate placement of the extinguishers. They should also be experts in formulating risk assessment for your business. The company needs to be regular and serious about the maintenance. They need to be home to highly trained technicians who can evaluate the health of the extinguishers at every given point in time.

Range of Services
It is better if you look for a company that has the expertise of supplying and maintaining every type of fire extinguisher. This will be economical for you.

Last but not the least, the name you opt for has to be a licensed on listed one, and has to have years of experience under its belt. This makes sure that the company you opt for is one of the best in the business and is well equipped to ensure safety and security that is your topmost priority.

So, it is not only about knowing where to buy fire extinguishers in Singapore, you also need to make sure that you bestow the responsibility of maintaining them to the best company that is suitable enough to do so with acumen and finesse.


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