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Importance of Educating Your Family Members on Fire Safety

A small fire in our homes can easily turn into a raging inferno, putting our valuables, personal belongings and even the lives of our family members at risk. How do you stop the fire from taking a destructive turn? Do you have a fire safety plan in place? Are all your family members aware of the fire safety plan? Does every family member have adequate knowledge of using fire suppression systems?  

These are pertinent questions you must answer to save both your personal belongings as well as the lives of your family members in the event of a fire breaking out. Just keeping a yearly contract for fire extinguisher maintenance in singapore isn’t enough. You have to educate each and every member of your family about the importance of fire safety.  

In the event of a fire at home, every minute is important. Without a fire safety plan in place, things can go terribly wrong during the crucial first few minutes. Your family members must escape out of the house within a few minutes of the fire breaking out. Irrespective of the type of fire extinguisher you install at home, the safety of your personal belongings and lives of your family members rests on the level of education your family has received on fire safety. Here’s why it’s important to educate your family members on fire safety:

Fire safety education helps you to create and implement the best fire safety plan 
Being the head of your family, it’s imperative that you take the lead in educating your family members and create the best fire safety plan. Deciding on the type of fire extinguisher, installation of smoke curtains and even choosing between wet chemical fire suppression system for kitchen hoods and fire suppression system with clean gas, your family must be kept up to date. Your family members need to sit down and create the best fire safety plan according to the design of rooms and their mobility.

Fire safety education leads to quicker escape during a fire 
As mentioned earlier, when there’s a fire at home you have very little time to escape to safety. However, when every member of your family is aware of the fire safety plan, they’ll know exactly what needs to be done. Prior knowledge of where the fire extinguisher is located or how to operate it can prevent major fires from developing altogether. Thus, it’s imperative that your family members get appropriate fire safety education.

Knowledge coupled with practice will make your home safer
If your family members practice the fire drill from time to time and take every step to circumvent even the smallest of fires, you can prevent fires and loss of property and lives.

They say knowledge is power. In the case of fires at home, educating your family members on fire safety can prevent a loss of lives or huge damage to property.


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