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Some Fire Safety Tips for Homes and Condominiums

Disasters rarely come with a warning. If you are not careful, it takes only a small spark to start a fire that can quickly turn into an inferno. Even if you happen to live in a neighbourhood known for safety and security, fire is something that you cannot completely rule out. So here are some fire safety tips to keep yourself and your homes and condominiums safe.

  • Install smoke or heat detectors on every floor: Have you heard that saying that there is no fire without smoke? This happens to be true in most cases. So a smoke alarm can be your first line of defence against fire. Install a smoke detector on each floor of your home. Make sure that they use ionisation and photoelectric detectors. Replace them every 10 years to ensure that they will work when called upon.
  • Install fire extinguishers on every floor: When you see a fire starting anywhere in your home or condominium, you should try to extinguish it instead of running away and letting it escalate. When it comes to dousing a fire before it becomes too big, nothing works better than a fire extinguisher. Have a fire extinguisher on every floor. Check that they an ABC rating so that they work for all types of fires. Make sure to replace them every 10 years or so to ensure they are always in working order.
  • Take every precaution when cooking: One of the most common causes of fire is cooking. Do not leave the kitchen for too long when cooking. Do not use grills on combustible decks. Make sure that the gas is turned off after cooking. Keep combustible materials such as spirits, newspapers, towels and rags away from cooking appliances. Do not let your children play in the kitchen.
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended: Candles are a major cause of household fires around the world. Although candles are rarely used in Singapore, they are still used for birthdays and other occasions. Do not leave them unattended. Once a candle runs out of wax, it may start burning the surface on which it stands. If a candle is in an open space, a sudden gust of wind may knock them down and start a fire.
  • Do not store petroleum products and flammable liquids indoors: Storing petroleum products and flammable liquids indoors is an invitation for disaster. There is a constant danger of leakage or the container blowing up. If you need to store any flammable materials, then store them in a shed in the garden or somewhere safe outside the house.
  • Have a well thought out escape plan in case of fire: In case of a fire you can’t extinguish, you need to escape as fast as you can without putting anyone’s life in danger. Therefore, you must always have a well thought out escape plan, especially if you live in a high-rise condominium. There should be at least two escape routes. In the absence of such a plan, you won’t know where to go and what to do and may end up being unable to escape due to the ensuing confusion.

When a fire breaks out, your first priority should always be to put it out before it becomes too big to handle. Therefore, you must always have a good fire extinguisher at your disposal. When searching for a home fire extinguisher in Singapore, make sure to go for only the best available in the market.



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