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Fire Rated Roller Shutters

The Best Features of Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

Fire shutters are built to close themselves when a fire occurs through its thermal fusible connection or the fire alarm signal detection, without any requirement for battery backups or electricity. This vital life safety characteristic is important since battery backups are may sometimes malfunction and they also require frequent maintenance. The following are some of the best features of a fire resistant roller shutter.

Fire-Rated Composite Fabric

This is the second layer from the double skin steel stats layer. It is 30mm thick and lightweight, with a noncombustible and multi-layered shutter. The fabric shutter usually remains undeployed in the box, until it is activated. The reinforced steel ribs create the width of this fabric which ensures that the stiffness of the fire shutter is highly maintained without sagging. The layers are independently operated to ensure the dual functionality of this fire resistant roller shutter system.

Operating Motors

Two motors, each having a fully enclosed design, operates the fire shutter system. The motors consist of a high starting torque, built-in thermal protector, as well as the built-in gear box. In the case of any power breakdown, an endless hand chain is offered for manual operations at a low level. It comes along with adjustable switches which are responsible for setting the upper and bottom limit for the movement of the fire shutter. An emergency release lever is also fitted for any emergency closing operation. This ensures that the fire shutter can descend through the use of gravity at a reasonable rate maintained by the in-built speed governor.

Fire Alarm Signal

A 24 V Dc and 400mA power typically activates the fire alarm signal at the fire resistant roller shutter box location. In cases where people use a voltage free fire alarms, a fire alarm signal conversion panel will be offered as required. The fire alarm signal conversion panel has a battery back up to convert the voltage free (0V) signals to the needed 24V DC, 400mA to open the signal. You can also use the remote control as an activation mechanism as well as weatherproof NEMA rated push button box.

Strong Guide Rails

The tracks are filled with insulating materials to represent a chic design aesthetic which is easy to install and can perfectly blend in with the surrounding structure to enhance the neatness.

Fire resistant rollers are extremely useful as a form of fire protection, especially for places like warehouses and shops where goods are stored. A fire may break out in your storage area due to a myriad of reasons and a roller shutter will play a key role in separating this fire from the rest of your shop or warehouse until help gets there. This not only reduces the damages done to your goods, it also helps to protect the lives of the people in the area. Getting a fire roller shutter is a long term investment that will only serve to benefit you and your environment.


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