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Fire Smoke Damper

The Differences between Fire Smoke Dampers and Fire Dampers

There are many who mug up the difference between fire dampers and fire smoke dampers. However, there is a basic difference between the two. Let us look into the difference.

Fire Damper
This device is actually used inside air transfer outlets and air ducts of the smoke control or air distribution system. It is specifically designed to automatically close whenever it senses heat. Additionally, it interrupts the migratory airflow, stops flames from spreading by obstructing its flow from the place on fire to the unaffected places.

Fire Dampers are operated by a fusible device, which is typically a melting link. They are designed and equipped with a fusible link which holds back the blades in open position till the link melts. When the melting point is reached, the blades then close and prevents the flame from moving from the affected location to the corresponding location. These devices are generally installed near the wall or the floor, right at the point where the duct penetrates the wall for retaining the integrity as well as the fire rating of the walls or the floor. Even if the ductwork gives in, the damper stays in the wall to retain the integrity.

Smoke dampers
Let us look into fire smoke dampers. A fire smoke damper can be defined as a device which is installed in ducts and the opening of a smoke control system or air distribution system. They can be opened as well as closed from a remote fire control and command station if and when needed, to block the passage of smoke and air.

The chief functionality of this device is to prevent the smoke from entering the room through heating, ventilation or the ducts of the air conditioning system. Some dampers are operated by an electric or pneumatic actuator. These devices are manned by smoke detectors and fire alarms.

They come up with specially designed smoke control systems which are supposed to control the smoke migration using the floors and the walls as obstacles or barriers for creating pressure differences. These devices are used for isolating the air handlers, though this does not mean they need to be installed on the sleeves, unlike the fire dampers. The can be directly installed on the ducts.

Installation techniques of the dampers can vary from one unit to the other, depending on the manufacturer. The manufacturers’ instructions include the method of attachment and spacing of the attachment.

So, these are the technical difference between the fire dampers and the fire smoke dampers that fire safety companies take care of. Though the functional basis of the devices is same, the mechanism differs and structural principles also differ quite a lot. Both of these devices are affordable and hence, are extremely popular amongst the commercial establishments in Singapore. Find out more about this device from fire safety companies that are home to the best personnel who are trained to take care of the devices and keep them up and running.


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