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fire rated timber door singapore

Use Fire Rated Door to Prevent Fire from Spreading

fire rated timber door singapore

The last thing that you want to face is a fire break-out in your office or home. Though every mishap is uncalled for, you must be particularly wary about fire-related incidents due to their devastating effect on life and property. Hence, you need a fireproof infrastructure equipped with firefighting equipment so that there is minimal chance of the fire spreading before extinguishing it, even if there is a sudden outbreak. While firefighting instruments form the second layer of defence against fire, fireproof infrastructure is still the first thing to contact the fire. When it comes to fireproof infrastructure, fire rated doors are great foils to fires, as it gives people trapped indoors safe passage away from the fire.

How fire rated doors work?
With a fire rated door installed, there is always a much higher chance of people avoiding an inferno. These doors need to be installed at strategic places, and there should be clear instructions given to the occupants of the house or building to use them in the event of any fire outbreak – minor or major. There can be various reasons behind a fire outbreak. The behaviour of the flames depends largely on its source. Hence, fires that spread fairly quickly and cover large areas in hardly any time must be contained with the help of the tools to hinder its advance. A fire rated door is one such barrier as these are designed and manufactured to withstand flames and heat. That is the reason it is imperative that these doors undergo regular inspections and are in top condition at any given point in time, to ensure they are effective when called upon.

Installation of fire rated doors
The installation of these doors needs to be done correctly. These structures, with the aid of the fireproof walls, windows, and ceilings, form an effective fire resistant barrier in residences and commercial establishments. Hence, if you have conventional doors installed at your house or office, installing a fire rated door to provide a safe passage to your family members or your office employees in the event of fire breakout will be a massive improvement for your safety.
Singapore building code regulations use certain ratings for these structures. That is the reason you need to get in touch with a professional supplier recognised and endorsed by the concerned authorities as a licensed supplier. This ensures you only handle and deal with authentic, quality fire rated doors.

Getting the help of experts
If you are not sure about the strategic points to install these doors, you can always get in touch with professionals who will inspect your house or office and tell you where to install them. However, apart from the door itself, the bolts and other accessories in the door will have to be of superior quality and fire resistant for the door to work. Hence, it is about time you get in touch with suppliers of these highly acclaimed structures to make your house and office a safer place to live in or work at.


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