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fire suppression system wet chemical for kitchen hood

What You Should Know About Fire Suppression Systems

Do not consider installing a kitchen hood fire suppression system, simply because others are doing so. Simply installing such a system without any knowledge of its functions, will not suffice. Knowing its various components and how they work is as important as installing the system itself. Having even a vague idea about a fire suppression system will help you use it more effectively.

Can you install them at your apartment or house?
Fire suppression systems are widely used in restaurants and hotels. However, that does not mean you cannot use a fire suppression system for kitchen hood at home. In fact, there are some buildings that have kitchen fire suppression systems, which are quite cost effective yet of extremely high quality.

Where can they be installed?
A kitchen hood fire suppression system is meant to offer protection over a wide array of kitchen equipment like stoves, ovens, fryers and the like. Kitchens are fraught with potential fire starters. The nozzles of fire suppression systems are set up in the exhaust of the kitchen hood. They are installed in such a way that wet chemicals are directly discharged from the fire source, thereby dousing it quickly. Such a system is called the wet chemical fire suppression system for kitchen hoods.

How does the system work?
Before we discuss it, let’s at first find out what fire needs to thrive. Fire requires heat, fuel and oxygen. Once the system picks up the fire, nozzles placed over the equipment will start discharging certain wet chemicals, which are engineered to put out the flames quickly. They do so by covering the flames and thus making sure they do not come in contact with oxygen. Now the system trips and as soon as it does, the gas connection to the appliance also snaps, thus making sure there is no fuel supply to feed the fire.

Hence, this is a two-pronged technique by a fire suppression system for kitchen hood to fight kitchen fires. If one approach fails, the other will do the job, thus limiting the damage.

Are these systems the right instrument to use in a kitchen?

A kitchen hood fire suppression system is intended to discharge a wide range of chemicals for putting out fires triggered by different reasons. For instance, to douse the flames caused by grease fire you need a specific type of chemical, which differs from what you need to douse an electrical fire.

A fire suppression system for kitchen hood is extremely cost-effective, even more so after taking into account the enormous benefit it offers. In fact, it offers more savings to set up a fire repression system than repairing the kitchen from damage caused by a fire. These systems come with a wide variety of security alarms, and this naturally saves your kitchen from any fire damage whatsoever. Thus, you need to gather enough information about this system and the companies in Singapore that offer these facilities, before you opt for one.


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