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Where to Buy Fire Extinguisher Singapore

Where to Buy High Quality Fire Extinguishers in Singapore


There are several places and ways to buy fire extinguishers in Singapore. However, you still need to learn a few things to make an informed choice. There are dedicated markets where you can buy these pieces of equipment and you also have the option of purchasing them online. However, if you to ask where to buy fire extinguishers in Singapore, the answer will be the seasoned markets, which are the best places to buy the units. Prior to purchasing the units, you need to know about this equipment in details to guide your purchasing process in the best possible way.

Companies Trained in Using Fire Extinguishers
You must know in details about fire extinguishers. They can be categorized into 5 classes – Class A, B, C, D, and F. You need to know in details about the technical specifications of each of these units, and how and when to operate them. You should get your extinguishers from companies that have all four of these categories and are sold by trained personnel who are able to guide you in details about the technicalities should you need to use it. In S’pore, portable fire extinguishers are to be approved and listed by SCDF or it’s appointed certifying bodies before they can be sold in the market.

Knowledgeable about installation and technicalities
You ought to purchase your fire extinguisher from companies that are able to give you thorough information about the recommended pressure on the gauge, and how to handle it. These marketplaces also tell you how to install them, and how to handle them in case of any eventuality.

These marketplaces also provide you wide-ranging information regarding the tank for the extinguisher and various technicalities related to the tank. For example, they provide you information about the marks on it, and other signs and symbols and what they stand for. These places are guaranteed to sell you equipment that are fresh and are not with unusual marks and signs of abuse and dents that raise suspicion in your psyche. They provide you units with canisters whose pins are intact, and the handles are not rusty as well. A rusty handle is a very common phenomenon that fire extinguishers are plagued with every now and then.

Licensed Companies
You need to purchase these units from places that are reputable in selling high-quality extinguishers. This makes sure that should anything untoward happens subsequently, you not only covered by insurance, but you can have the product replaced without much of a hassle.

These are the sources where you can purchase fire extinguishers from. Always ensure that you purchase it from a company that is able to provide fire extinguisher maintenance services as well. Apart from purchasing the right fire extinguisher, it is also very important to maintain it and keep it in a workable condition.


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