Hart ½ – 1 hour composite fire doors are of 45mm thick comprising of high quality super fire retarded gypsum board, compressed between 2 timber ply.
Doorset and Ironmongery used are approved byFSB, tested and labeled by PSB.
Hart Fire Doors are tested in accordance with Singapore Standard SS 332, 1998 (BS 476 Part 22 1987) and certified to ISO 9002 : 1994.

1) Door Leaf Construction

Door leaf is constructed with 3 pieces of Super fire X board, bonded and compressed between 2 x 3.6mm timber plywood, secured all round by timber beading, and finished with 10mm hardwood lipping. Timber or Aluminium Meeting Stiles are butt jointed and glued to the active and inactive panels.

2) Door Frame Construction

Timber Kapor material or 1.5mm GI Steel is used on Door Frame for Single or Double rebate profile.

3) Door sizes (maximum)

Single Leaf : Overall Dimension 1200mm (width) x 2430mm (height) x 45mm (thick)
Double Leaf : Overall Dimension 2480mm (width) x 2430mm (height) x 45mm (thick)

4) Fire Seal

Intumescent Seal – used on door panels
Supalux Board – used on vision panels

5) Accessories

Vision Panel – 150mm (width) x 300mm (height) size of Georgian Wired Glass, 1200mm from floor level, enclosed by Aluminium Architrave.

6) Ironmongeries

Hinges – Stainless Steel 127mm x 89mm x 3mm (thick)
Lockset – “HA” LKKS series 3700 Cylindrical Lockset or equivalent.
Door closer – “MAB” model 403 surface mounted or equivalent.
Flush Bolt – “HA” Stainless Steel 200mm length.

7) Type of Door Finish

Ply Finish with Paint or Vanish.
Steel Cladding

8) Test Report Number
G 165298/TTS (1/2 hour)
G 142964/CLT (1 hour)