Smoke Control System

The engineered smoke control system helps to suppress the migration of smoke within a building during a fire. An efficient system can then help people inside the building to seek safety without facing the danger of excessive smoke inhalation. The system should then consist of products that are capable of delivering the safety measures that are needed during a fire.

In Singapore, engineered smoke control system suppliers should then have a comprehensive system to ensure that a variety of mitigation measures are set in place. Leeden’s engineered smoke control system includes gravity drop smoke curtains to stop the movement of smoke. With the Total Gravity Fail-Safe System, the smoke curtains will work even during complete power failures or short circuits. That is possible due to them having a backup power that starts upon activation during a fire. Another product includes smoke control damper to channel smoke to outdoors and manage the spread of toxic gas and smoke.

As a smoke control specialist in Singapore, Leeden Fire Safety is an engineered smoke control system supplier that designs and supplies an integrated system for buildings. Designs and products have been tested and have met the strict regulations of different authorities. With an experienced and responsible team in Singapore, getting an engineered smoke control system from Leeden Fire Safety will help to ensure the safety of your building’s occupants.


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