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What to Do in Case of Fire Emergency with Kids at Home

Kids below the age of five face twice the risk of dying in a house fire than a person of any other age group. In a household with children, it is important to be well-informed of precautionary procedures. This is especially due to the fact that most house fires attribute their cause to young children […]

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Your Everyday Appliances That May Start a Fire

Electrical appliances are a part of our daily lives now and we find ourselves relying on them for a multitude of reasons. You may turn to Smart TV’s, music and video game devices for entertainment or simply rely on appliances like washing machines to help your everyday chores and tasks. What you may not realise […]

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Common Causes of Fire at Your Workplace You Need to Know

You may think that general fire and safety at the workplace may not fall under your job description but think again. Fire damages and fatalities in the workplace are a common occurrence, so it should be everyone’s responsibility to ensure that something like this does not happen. Any alarm or fire emergency can cause panic, […]

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Free Apps That Teach Kids About Fire Safety

If you think fire safety and prevention are only for adults, it’s time you reconsider this notion. Kids are the most vulnerable individuals during a fire. However, if they are properly educated about handling fire-related emergencies then you’ll never have to worry about their safety. Irrespective of whether you’ve put up a smoke curtain in […]

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Importance of Educating Your Family Members on Fire Safety

A small fire in our homes can easily turn into a raging inferno, putting our valuables, personal belongings and even the lives of our family members at risk. How do you stop the fire from taking a destructive turn? Do you have a fire safety plan in place? Are all your family members aware of […]

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Different Types and Uses of Fire Suppression Systems

By themselves, fire sprinkler systems might not be sufficient in combating fire in a building, residential or commercial. Eventually, you’ll realise the need for a more appropriate type of fire extinguisher in Singapore. Fire suppression systems have to do more than just detecting fires and triggering the sprinkler. In the event of a breakout, expensive […]

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How to Care and Maintain Your Home Fire Extinguisher

Like any other emergency equipment, home fire extinguishers need timely upkeeps. No one wants a complete failure of their fire extinguishers during a fire at home – it’ll not only lead to a loss of property but also endanger your family members. Often people choose to maintain their home fire extinguishers themselves – they don’t […]

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A Complete Breakdown of How A Wet Chemical Kitchen System Works

According to a recent survey, an estimated 60% of restaurant fires start in the kitchen and the majority of them are forced to close down their business. It’s clear that kitchen fires have the potential to engulf entire restaurants and endanger the lives of the staff members and diners alike. Why do kitchen fires take […]

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Use Fire Rated Door to Prevent Fire from Spreading

The last thing that you want to face is a fire break-out in your office or home. Though every mishap is uncalled for, you must be particularly wary about fire-related incidents due to their devastating effect on life and property. Hence, you need a fireproof infrastructure equipped with firefighting equipment so that there is minimal […]

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Different Places Where You Can Find Fire Suppression Systems

Even though there is a variety of fire suppressions systems on the market, the basic working principle is more or less the same. However, their application certainly varies from one another. For instance, the fire suppression system for kitchen hoods will surely not work in the manner in which a suppression system of a train […]