Leeden Fire Safety supplies a wide range of ‘Hart’ brand metal and timber door, louvres, hatch covers, roller shutters, for use in various buildings and infrastructure or commercial project in Singapore. Every door manufactured by Leeden Fire Safety adheres to the strict safety standards such as Singapore Standard 489 and Singapore Standard 332.

Since 1971, the ‘Hart’ brand has established a reputation in the Singapore market as a trusted supplier and manufacturer of fire doors to thousands of building projects both locally and regionally. Leeden Fire Safety’s range of products include:

  • 30 to 60minutes fire-rated ‘Hart’ brand composite timber doors.
  • 30-minutes to 240-minutes fire-rated ‘Hart’ brand steel doors.
  • 240-minutes fire-rated ‘Hart’ roller shutters.

The requirements for fire-rated doors / fire rated shutters

The requirements for the installation of fire rated doors and fire rated shutters are listed in clear details in the newly released Singapore Fire Code 2018.

Fire-rated doors and shutters are essential for all commercial and industrial businesses as they play a vital role in enhancing the safety of a building. With Leeden Fire Safety, you can be assured that your fire-rated doors are installed properly, maintenance is done regularly and repaired thoroughly to ensure that they function well and last longer to protect your business should a fire occur. Consult us, Leeden Fire Safety to find out which type of fire-rated doors are the right choice for you. Our contact is +6562912611, email address is

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