Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

How to design and select a good kitchen hood fire suppression system

In Singapore, it is almost mandatorily required to provide an approved wet chemical base kitchen hood fire suppression system for all commercial kitchens.

Many of the commercial kitchen owners will therefore rely very much on the kitchen hood suppliers to supply them a set of such fire suppression system when they install a new kitchen hood with all necessary appliances like burners, hobs, griddles, ovens etc etc.

In actual fact, one can always design, select and install an appropriate kitchen hood fire suppression system base on some guide lines. These are :

1) Almost all such fire suppression systems are wet chemical base, and therefore rule out any other types like gaseous or powders, as they will not be the best media to extinguish the class F fire in the kitchen.
2) Almost all such systems are pre- engineered, and therefore quite easy to design and select. As such, do not look for any system that requires engineering design.
3) Make sure the system or the brand you have chosen is PSB or SETSCO listed in Singapore context, as there may be inspection from the fire authority ( SCDF in this case ).
4) Choose a system that can cater for as many equipment as possible in order to save cost.
5) Choose a system that is easy to operate.
6) Choose a system that has got the UL listing label.
7) Make sure your installer has got the experience to install the system properly.

In Hart Fire Protection System ( now known as Leeden Fire Safety System ), we have the expertise to give you all the necessary advice and design guidelines so that you job s greatly simplified.

Better still, Hart ( Lehavot ) UL tested and listed kitchen Fire Suppression System is very competitive in price, and economical to design and install. And give you maximum protection for your kitchen hood as well as all the kitchen equipment.

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