NOTIFIER by Honeywell

Delivering a World of Solutions in Fire Protection

Fire Warden 100

  • Single Isolated Intelligent Line Circuit (SLC) Style 4 and 6
  • Supports 198 addressable points (99 detectors/ 99 modules)
  • 80-character LCD Backlit Display (4 lines x 20 characters)
  • Four Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) with built-in synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, and Gentex
  • Fully programmable from local keypad, local PS-2 keyboard or PC via Verifire Tools Windows® Programing Utility
  • Built in Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) with remote upload/download programming and diagnostic capability (requires Verifire Tools)
  • Enhanced drift compensation, maintenance alert and auto detector test features

Fire Voice 25/50

  • Integral 25-watt (single-circuit), 25 VRMS audio amplifier, expandable to 50 watts (dual-circuit)
  • Customization of five separate and distinct field-recorded voice messages utilizing the integral microphone or the audio input jack.
  • Three-minute microphone time-out safety feature
  • Digital messages are field-selectable for 3,4,6,8 or infinite repeat
  • Built-in alert tone generators for applications where voice is not required and compliant with ANSI S3.41
  • Fully supervised in Standby and Active states, including integral microphone, amplifier output, message generator, speaker wiring, and tone generators
  • Auxiliary power output for control modules eliminates need for excess wiring
  • Optional zone splitter provides 8 separate speaker circuits (ACC-ZSM)

Conventional Panels and Communicators
2- to 120-Zone

  • Conventional fire alarm panels available from 2 to 120 zones
  • Control communicators from 3 to 4 inputs or optional UDACT plug-in for other systems
  • Field Charging Power Supply (FCPS) available for powering ADA/UL1971 devices
  • Optional slave voice evacuation panel — Model FV-25/50
  • Standard LED or 7-segment displays
  • Releasing controls for deluge and agent release

411 Series Communicators

  • three models available:
    • 411 – Slave Communicator
    • 411UD – Slave Communicator with up/download
    • 411UDAC – Stand-alone Communicator with up/download
  • Up to four input channels (3 on the 411)
  • Fully programmable with PRO-411 or with Windows® utility (up/download models)

SFP-2402 2-Zone Control

  • Two Class B Initiating Device Circuits (Zones) i3TM Ready
  • Two Class B Notification Appliance Circuits, 3.0 Amps and programmable strobe synchronization
  • Form-C Alarm and Trouble relays

SFP-2404 4-Zone Control

  • Fout Class B Initiating Device Circuits (Zones) with Class A option module i3TM Ready
  • Two Class B Notification Appliance Circuits, 6.0 Amps, with Class A option and programmable strobe synchronization
  • Form-C Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory relays

RP Series Releasing Controls

  • Two models – RP1001 for pre-action deluge, RP1002 for agent release
  • Four zones – cross, abort and manual release
  • Four Notification Appliance Circuits – 2 for release, 2 for warning

SFP-1024 10-Zone Control Communicator

  • 10 Class B zones (Class A with option module)
  • Built-in digital communicator
  • 2 Notification Appliance Circuits, expandable to 4 (6.0 amps)

System 500/5000 Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • Up to 120 circuits (zones) on the System 5000 and 16 on the System 500 (Class A or B)
  • 100% field programmable with multiple passwords and non-volatile memory
  • Releasing option with time delays, abort and manual release

AFP-1010 and AM2020 Features
Intelligent 1-Loop Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • 198 intelligent device capacity, plus 103 programmable notification and relay circuits
  • 5.0 amps of signaling power expandable to 11.0 amps
  • Advance intelligent features, such as pre-alarm, drift compensation, day/night sensitivity, maintenance alert, meets NFPA calibrated test
  • Can operate with untwisted, unshielded wire
  • Four independent releasing hazards
  • Fully field programmable from PC with Veri•FireTM utility, or from front panel
  • Serial LCD, LED or graphic annunciators
  • Network option to NOTI•FIRE•NETTM

AFP-100/AFP-200 Features
Intelligent 1-Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • Point capacity:
    • AM2020 – 990 detectors (ion, photo, multi,duct) and 990 modules (relay, NAC or monitor)
    • AFP-1010 – 396 detectors (ion, photo, multi,duct) and 396 modules (relay, NAC or monitor)
  • Fully field programmable from built-in keypad or CRT, or offline with Veri•FireTM Window-based software utility
  • 80-character, back-lit display
  • Network option with support of over 100 nodes
  • Serial LED, LCD and graphic annunciators
  • 400-event history buffer
  • 6.0 amps power supply with expansion in 6.0 amp increments and optional 6.0 amp field charging power supply
  • One-man walk-test with report of missaddresed devices
  • Powerful boolean logic equations (and, or, not, cross, delay, time/date)
  • Optional voice and/or firefighter telephone

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Onyx NFS-640 Panel
Intelligent 1 to 2 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • One Signaling Line Circuit (SLC), expandable to two
  • 318 dervices per SLC (159 detectors and 159 modules), 636 devices per panel or network node
  • 80-character, 640-character, or displayless (network node) operator interface options
  • Complete intelligent system feature set with digital protocol, 9 levels of sensitivity, drift compensation and maintenance alert, and auto detector test
  • 6.0 amp switch mode power supply with four Class A/B built-in NAC (Notification Appliance Circuits). Selectable System Sensor strobe synchronization
  • Optional integrated voice and firefighters telephone
  • Up to 64 output circuits per FACP or network node; circuits programmable
  • Fully field programmable with 80-character display (includes QWERTY keypad) of offline with VeriFireTM Tools Windows – based program utility
  • Unique environment Detection inclues VIEW® for clean environments, HARSHTM for dirty environments, and Acclimate PlusTM – a multi sensor that adjusts sensitivity automatically

Onyx NFS-3030 Panel
Intelligent 1- to 10- Loop Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • 1 – 10 Signaling Line Circuits Style 4, 6 or 7
  • Point Capacity: Up to 159 detectors (any mix of ion, photo, laser photo, thermal or multsensor) and 159 modules (N.O. manual stations, two-wire smoke, notification, or relay) per SLC
  • Large 640-character LCD backlit display (16 lines x 40 characters) or displayless (a node on a network)
  • NOTI•FIRE•NETTM compatible
  • UniNet® compatible
  • Optional integrated voice and firefight’s telephone
  • Up to 96 input or output panel circuit per FACP or network node; circuits configurable online
  • Application code is saved in Flash memory, eliminating the need to change EPROMs
  • Built-in Degraded Mode option. In the event of a CPU failure the loop control modules will continue to monitor fire alarm conditions
  • Weekly Occupancy Schedules allow changing sensitivity by time of day and day of week
  • Optional universal 2040-point DACT
  • EIA-485 annunciators, including custom graphics

UniNet® 2000*
NOTIFIER® is an established industry leader in the field of integrated networking. Now UniNet® 2000 has redefined the concept of integrated networking with innovative new features and options. The UniNet® 2000 network seamlessly integrates diverse fire and security building systems into a graphics-oriented platform, creating a unified command center for monitoring and controlling building safety systems.

UniNet® 2000 Features

  • Windows® 2000 support
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratory for fire (864), security (1076), and card access (294)
  • State-of-the-art client-server technology allows easy upward migration as new features become available
  • Supports multiple Ethernet clients: UniGuard (access control), UniBadge (photo imaging), UniLogic (Boolean logic), UniTour (guard tour), IRM/IM (incident reporting) and CCTV control
  • Centralized member databases and security profiles
  • Connects new and existing equipment into a Local Area Network (LAN) OR Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Hot-redundant Local Area server capability, with automatic syncing of server information between primary and secondary
  • Includes UniLogic, which uses event driven Boolean logic equations to command node outputs ON/OFF. UniLogic also provides time-controlled sequencing of multiple actions
  • Complete graphics editing/drawing package

*Available through selected authorized NOTIFIER Distributors only

With NOTI•FIRE•NET, each network fire alarm control panel maintains its own area of protection while monitoring and interacting with other nodes. Fire alarm control panel nodes can react to network events with coordinated programmed responses. In designated fire command centers, the NCS (Network Control Station) provides operators with text and graphic annunciation of the network activity as well as network control and programming capabilities. The NOTIFIER NCA (Network Control Annunciator) is used to annunciate network events, and provide individual control of network points or nodes.

The new NOTI•FIRE•NET incorporates a high-speed interface for NOTIFIER OnyxTM Series panels and compatibility with classic NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels, along with the following features.


  • Supports 102 nodes with total capacity of over 200,000 points
  • Based on proven ARCNET® technology
  • True peer-to-peer communications
  • Token-passing, non-collision protocol
  • No “master” polling computer required
  • The VeriFireTM Tools programming utility supports complete network programming accessed at any node on the network
  • History Buffers reside on NCA, NCS and on all fire control panels
  • Powerful cooperative-control-by-event programming allows point(s) on one node to activate points(s) on other nodes
  • NOTI•FIRE•NETTM Fire Alarm Control Panels (AM2020, AFP-1010, NFS-640 and NFS-3030) support industry standard BACnetTM/ IP connectivity to Building Automation Systems (BAS/BMS) via NOTIFIER’s BACnet Gateway
  • NOTI•FIRE•NETTM Web Server (NWS) provides remote read status capabilities from any worldwide location via the Internet/Intranet