Fire Smoke Dampers

A fire damper is designed to stop combustible materials and toxic smoke from worsening the situation during a fire. Together with a complete fire alarm system and sprinkler system, a fire smoke damper can have a tremendously positive effect during a fire. A fire smoke damper helps to prevent the movement of smoke within a building, thereby reducing the chances of individuals inhaling too much smoke. The distinctive and straightforward design of Leeden’s fire smoke damper requires little to no maintenance cost, and installation is guaranteed to fit the building’s rules.

Apart from a fire damper, Leeden also provides products like fire hoses and fire extinguishers to help in combating a fire. In situations where the fire becomes too large and endangers the lives of the people in the building, emergency life support and breathing apparatus and rescue equipment should be provided as well.

Aluminised Nomex Suits that can help protect the firefighting team are also available for purchase in Singapore. The Yone Ball Valve has a unique design that allows the combination of various kinds of hose and pipes connection, including foreign and Japanese models. For electronic facilities, the FlexHead Duct Sprinkler is a reliable choice, with no reported leaks or failures. Benefits include how the above duct sprinkler is less expensive than traditional systems and is also capable of remaining in operation even during maintenance. All of Leeden Fire Safety’s products in Singapore were tested and found to have complied with numerous regulations, thus proving their reliability.


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