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fire suppression system for kitchen hood

4 Ways to Enhance Your Current Fire Suppression System

It is quite common to feel that setting up a fire suppression system for kitchen hood and a certification from the fire department is good enough to respond to any mishap. Well, here’s the bad news: this is only partially correct! The fire suppression system has to be in top condition so that it triggers at the earliest in case of any eventuality. There are several ways to enhance the condition of a fire suppression system. Here are only four of them.

Improving the technology
No one uses fire suppression system for kitchen hoods frequently, and we pray that no one has to. However, for that reason, it is important to keep the system functioning at its best at every given point in time. Technology changes with time, and it’s wise to upgrade the system to best utilise new technology.

Review the personal support facility
Reviewing the personal support facility is another way to enhance your fire suppression system. Since fire mishaps are not an everyday affair, the only plausible way to find out more about the personal support facility is going through remarks left by the other customers. Singapore’s fire extinguisher maintenance companies’ websites have testimonial tabs, which give a clear idea of the performance of the personal support team of the company. The review left by other customers will give a clear idea about the same.

Overhauling the smoke alarm system
Taking stock of the smoke alarm system and rectifying any faults it is one of the keys to overhauling fire suppression systems for kitchen hoods. Over time, the smoke alarm sensors gather dust and dirt and its sensitiveness to the temperature difference, and smoke diminishes. Now, if that happens, the alarm system will fail to set off at the first sign of smoke, and even if it does so, it may be a delayed reaction. Remember, when it comes to fighting a fire, not a single second can be lost. Take care of the smoke alarm system and check the sensors, and see if they are functioning well. If not, rectify them. If possible, you can change the sensors and replace them with new versions for better service.

Refilling the cylinders
A fire suppression system consists of multiple cylinders, though there are systems with only one. These cylinders are filled with gaseous agents, wet as well as dry chemical agents and water. It is important to refill all the cylinders at regular intervals and check the valve to see they are still functional.

Look for the other fittings and change or upgrade them during the overhauling process to ensure the system is practically brand new once done with the revamp. Hence, look for a company in Singapore that will be able to do all these, with the best technicians and years of experience under their belt.


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