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Leeden Fire Safety is a leading fire extinguisher supplier in Singapore. We provide fire extinguishers with different specifications, so it is the best place where you can buy a home extinguisher that fits your exact needs.

When searching for a fire extinguisher, consider the extinguishing medium – the substance that is used to extinguish the fire. Leeden Fire Safety offers three types of extinguishing mediums: Halotron I, Carbon Dioxide and Dry Powder.

Halotron I is one of the newer fire extinguishing mediums. Advantages of a Halotron I fire extinguisher include it being a safe, effective and environmentally-friendly. It will also protect valuable assets in the room without leaving behind a solid residue that would need to be cleaned up afterward.

Carbon Dioxide-based fire extinguishers are often used because it leaves behind no residue after use and is thus less damaging to electrical equipment as compared to dry powder. Typically, these fire extinguishers are used on fires that start from flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel and spirits.

Fire extinguishers with dry powder as their extinguishing medium are perfect for combatting different types of fires, be they from solids, liquids or gases. It is ideal as the multi-purpose fire extinguisher for home and work. However, the clean-up after use can be costly and time-consuming, as the extinguisher leaves behind a powder residue after use.

Besides supplying different types of fire extinguishers, such as the marine fire extinguisher, Leeden Fire Safety also offers fire extinguisher servicing overhaul and maintenance in Singapore.

Recently, there have been reports of midnight fire taking place in the HDB flats or residential houses caused by battery charging of E scooter or motorised bike.

The biggest issue of this type of fire is it breaks out when people are sleeping and/or not around, and therefore causes substantial damages to the premises, or even detrimental consequences to the people living inside.

Installing portable extinguisher is not a viable solution to this type of incident as this device will require people to operate during the break out of the fire. On the other hand, installing an automatic sprinkler system at home is not only costly but also to elaborates, as a water tank and many equipments will be needed. It will be similarly not effective if an automatic fire alarm system is stalled, as this system will only alert the people of a fire but will not be able to put off a fire.

There is a product that may be very useful for this type of fire: that is the tube base fire extinguishing system. This product is similar to a portable fire extinguisher, as it can be small in size, but it can be installed at the vicinity of the point where the battery is to be charged, or as near as possible to the fire risk so that in case of a fire break out, this fire extinguishing system can be automatically activated  and extinguish the fire almost instantly.

This system works on the principle of a temperature sensing tube that is connected to a bottle of fire extinguishing medium. The tube will burst at about 100 deg C or it is in contact with a fire. The bursting of this tube will cause the extinguishing agent in the bottle to be discharged and spray onto the source of fire and will extinguish the fire quite instantaneously. The system can be even more effective if it is designed and installed with some parameters to keep the concentration of the discharged extinguishing medium at the highest level.

You must look for an experienced and reputable supplier and contractor to give you the necessary advice and guidance before you decide on a most suitable tube base fire extinguishing system to protect your home or premises.

In actual fact, the tube base fire extinguishing system is also used in the protection of electrical switchboards, electrical panels, kitchens, small fuel containers, car, bus or boat compartments, vehicle engines etc.

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