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fire suppression system wet chemical for kitchen hood

A Complete Breakdown of How A Wet Chemical Kitchen System Works

According to a recent survey, an estimated 60% of restaurant fires start in the kitchen and the majority of them are forced to close down their business. It’s clear that kitchen fires have the potential to engulf entire restaurants and endanger the lives of the staff members and diners alike. Why do kitchen fires take place at all, when most kitchens are equipped with a fire suppression system? Well, it either happens because the fire suppression systems are faulty, or they use the wrong type of fire extinguisher.

What is the best fire suppression system for kitchens?
Pre-engineered wet chemical kitchen-hood fire suppression systems are considered to be the best as they maximum protection to the hood above the stove but also the duct and cooking appliances. During a fire, the detection module automatically detects it and quickly releases chemicals from the hood onto the fire. It also uses a manual pull station that releases a special wet chemical on the fire. As soon as the system starts to shut down, the gas or power supply to the cooking appliances is also stopped. However, kitchen owners must get their fire suppression system checked and maintained frequently to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

A wet chemical kitchen-hood fire suppression system is nothing short of a proactive insurance for kitchen and restaurant owners. It’s important that owners understand the working of wet chemical kitchen hood fire suppression systems and only install those that comply with the NFPA 17A and Fire Code.

How do you choose?
Even though the market is flooded with numerous wet chemical kitchen-hood fire suppression systems, choosing the best is still a tricky job. In order to choose the best fire suppression system for your kitchen, you’ll have to learn how a wet chemical kitchen system works. Usually, most of the systems work in a similar manner in accordance with the specific designs. However, the fire suppression system wet chemical for kitchen hood is specially designed to protect all cooking appliances placed beneath the kitchen’s exhaust hood.

Wet chemical is available in limited quantity
The amount of liquid or wet chemical is limited so you’ll have to choose a fire suppression that matches with your kitchen hood’s size and design. The wrong size and design can lead to sub-optimal use of the system, thereby proving inadequate in tackling kitchen fires. Fire systems are automatic so the sprinkling of the chemical through the hood is triggered only when the detection unit is able to detect a fire or smoke quickly.

Prior to buying a wet chemical kitchen-hood fire suppression system, you’ll need to understand it’s working properly and buy one according to your kitchen hood’s size and design. Conduct some proper research before making any decisions, so that you get the best wet chemical fire suppression system for your kitchen.


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