Available for a wide range of application in high performance noise reduction, Hart manufactures acoustic steel doors up to a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 45 rating.

Tested in accordance to ASTM E90-90: Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partition.

Hart products is certified to ISO 9002 : 1994.

1) Door Leaf Construction

Door leaf is constructed with 2mm thick Electro-Galvanised Steel and filled with Sound Absorbing and Damping elements. Steel stiffeners are stitch welded on the front panel to provide the overall rigidity and strength to the door. Butt hinges and ironmongeries are installed according to manufacturers’ details.

2) Door Frame Construction

4-sided Door Frames of single rebates are formed with 2.5mm thick Electro-Galvanised Steel, welded 90 degree at the top, sides, and bottom jambs. Steel plates are welded on the inside of the jambs to reinforce door closers, selector bar, and hinges.

3) Door sizes (maximum)

Single Leaf : Overall Dimension 1088mm (width) x 2400mm (height) x 45mm (thick)
Double Leaf : Overall Dimension 2260mm (width) x 2400mm (height) x 45mm (thick)

4) Fire Seal

Self gripping Acoustic Seal with sponge-rubber (EPDM), UL registered

5) Ironmongeries

Hinges – Butt Hinges
Lockset – Lever Type or equivalent
Door closer – TS 83 Dorma or equivalent.
Flush Bolt – Surface mounted

6) Type of Door Finish

Spray Paint

7) Test Report dated September 1999.