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Benefits of Installing A Fire Rated Door

A fire rated door may look like any other ordinary door, but it is made up of completely different types of materials. Even the bolts and the screws of the door are different than those used in conventional doorways. Although these doors are very similarly structured to standard doorways, there are many benefits of installing them.

Before we run through the benefits, let us look into what a fire rated door is made up of. The materials used to manufacture these doorways include timber, glass, metal, gypsum vermiculite boards and steel. The doors are made up of a material that is developed by combining all of these elements. Now let us look at the benefits of using them over conventional doors.

To start with, the main objective of a fire rated door is to stop the fire and block the smoke and heat from entering a room or an enclosed area, thereby offering enough time for people to evacuate safely. These doors are non-combustible and hence can keep the flames at bay for a specified period. The time that they offer normally ranges from 30 minutes to 240 minutes. This period can vary depending on its quality and the area in question. Also, the extent or scale of fire should also be taken into account when approximating the time window.

There is a fair degree of confusion over how a fire rated door is capable of holding back the heat and smoke of a raging fire. The thing is – the specific design and materials of this type of door are designed to hold back fire, heat and smoke. In fact, every single component of this door. From its latch down to its frame, they are all tested by a reputable and specialised screening company to make sure that it meets certain requirements and attains its status as a fire-proof door. Naturally, a fire rated door is developed with a lot of precision and specialised treatment and this makes all the difference.

The frames of these doors come up with fire seals. The leaf is made up of the material designed to avert heat and smoke and does not catch fire. Even the hinges, knobs and latch are so designed to withstand heat and flames.

Moreover, the doors stop the diffusion of smoke or other toxic gases, thereby giving the occupants of the premise more time to escape. Better quality doors are even capable of stopping the gas and smoke from spreading from one storey to another. Besides, these doors also capable of stopping the entry of oxygen into the affected area, preventing the flames from spreading or gaining momentum.

With all these benefits, fire rated doors are becoming more and more popular these days. They are available in various designs that gel with the ambience and decor of rooms where they are installed. Most of these doors are available with an automatic shutting mechanism; the doors automatically shut as soon as the sensors detect flames. A large number of these doors are put up in shopping malls and offices, residences and another place of commercial interest due to their practical importance in the event of a fire.


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