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wet chemical fire suppression system for kitchen hood and appliances

Different Places Where You Can Find Fire Suppression Systems

Even though there is a variety of fire suppressions systems on the market, the basic working principle is more or less the same. However, their application certainly varies from one another. For instance, the fire suppression system for kitchen hoods will surely not work in the manner in which a suppression system of a train will work. Here are some places where fire suppression systems can be installed. This chapter will give you an idea about the types of fire extinguishers in Singapore and their respective purposes.

Kitchen Fire Suppression system
The kitchen fire suppression system is, understandably, designed to be installed in kitchens. Generally, it involves a wet chemical fire suppression system, which comes in contact with the flames and douses it by cutting off the oxygen supply. On the flip side, the system trips, the fuel supply is cut off and the flames run out of gas. So it basically launches a two-pronged war against the flames.

Vehicle fire suppression system
As the name suggests, this system is designed to be used in vehicles. Companies in Singapore come up with two types of vehicle fire suppression system – on road and off road.

Off-road vehicle system
There are certain cases when fire on vehicles causes damage not limited to the vehicle itself but spills over to their surroundings. To avert these mishaps, off-road vehicle suppression systems come into play. One good example is a fire in agricultural vehicles, which damage the vehicle as well the crops and land.

On-road vehicle system
This is another type of system that is meant to deal with damage inflicted upon the vehicle and those on board. To prevent this type of damage, a specific type of suppression system is designed by the Singapore companies.

Train fire suppression systems
If we discuss the type of fire extinguishers Singapore’s companies design, a suppression system they manufacture are those used on trains. This is an extremely sensitive version designed to put out flames at the slightest of hints of a fire. Fire in a moving train is extremely dangerous and any delays in fighting the fire could lead to an absolute disaster. Again, the operational method of this version of the system may vary from those used in a vehicle or an apartment. However, the principle is the same.

Aircraft fire suppression system
Singapore’s companies also come up with aircraft fire suppression systems. When it comes to dousing flames in an aircraft, the method will vary depending upon the source of the fire. For instance, the method used to douse lithium-ion batteries will surely vary from the method used to douse fires in the Flight Test Data Acquisition system.

Ship fire suppression system  
Companies come up with fire suppression systems developed to put down flames in cargo and passenger ships. Again, the type of system used to fight fire in the engine room will differ quite drastically from systems used to fight fire in the cargo hold or fire caused by a short circuit.


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