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fire suppression system with clean gas

Different Types and Uses of Fire Suppression Systems

By themselves, fire sprinkler systems might not be sufficient in combating fire in a building, residential or commercial. Eventually, you’ll realise the need for a more appropriate type of fire extinguisher in Singapore. Fire suppression systems have to do more than just detecting fires and triggering the sprinkler. In the event of a breakout, expensive equipment, documents, furniture and even the building need to be protected. A simple, water-based fire extinguisher system can completely destroy expensive equipment or valuable documents. Thus, you’ll have to find a better fire suppression system, which can nip fires in the bud and protect valuable assets.

Let us learn about the types of fire suppression systems in Singapore:

Clean agent fire suppression Systems
Fire suppression system with clean gas is stored in a liquid state under high pressure, which immediately turns into gas when discharged. Conventionally, Halon used to be the preferred choice for traditional fire suppression systems but it was found to be environmentally unfriendly. Thus, clean agent fire suppression systems were developed that contained gases like carbon dioxide. The chemicals or gases used in these fire systems can smother the fires without damaging valuable equipment like electronic components, servers, PCs etc. These fire suppression systems are sophisticated and require better upkeep.

Chemical and Foam Based Fire Suppression Systems
These are used for tackling kitchen fires and comprises of sprinkler nozzles placed under the kitchen hood. The wet chemical kitchen hood fire suppression system triggers and goes off automatically when the fire detection module detects a fire.

Water Mist Fire Suppression System
The water mist fire suppression system is used for bigger areas. The type of fire extinguishers used in singapore uses mist, that evaporates when sprinkled, thereby cutting off oxygen levels and controlling the fire. This system is usually used to control fires caused by inflammable liquids and can even be used in rooms with plenty of electronics.

Reaction Tube Fire Suppression System
This type of fire extinguisher Singapore consists of a valve along with a reaction tube, which doubles up as both the detecting unit and the agent’s propellant feed. The moment temperature around the pipe reaches a certain level; a small hole is created in the pipe and the agent is sprinkled onto the fire. This fire suppression system is usually used in boats, ships, fume cupboards, small machinery, and vehicles.

Foam Deluge Fire Suppression System
Places where gas or water can’t be used usually resort to foam deluge fire suppression system. For instance, fire in larger vehicles like oil tankers, transformers, and even oil silos can be easily tackled with the help of these fire suppression systems. In these systems, foam suppressors are dispensed with simple fire sprinklers.

Irrespective of the type of fire extinguisher that these suppression systems use, their primary aim is to quickly douse flames and prevent the fire from spreading. You’ll have to take your pick from all the fire suppression systems available in Singapore based on your fire safety requirements.  


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