All Scott Safety respiratory protection equipment is designed to the same exacting standards: to be simple and comfortable to use, robust and easy to maintain. With respiratory protective equipment experience all over the world, Scott Safety are the respiratory protection specialist.

  • Scott Safety has provided the highest standards in the design and manufacture of Respiratory Protection Equipment for over 75 years.
  • Renowned as the world’s leading Constant flow escape set, the ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) from Scott Safety is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments.
  • Now in its third generation, the Emergency Life Support Breathing Apparatus is a concept originally pioneered by Scott Safety under its Sabre Breathing Apparatus brand, and the original design principles continue to this day.
  • The current design is simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use, and performs to the latest European Standard EN1146.

Elsa Features:

  • 10- or 15-minute versions
  • Standard Hi Vis or black anti-static bag
  • Automatic quickfire activation
  • Unique cubic hood design
  • CE marked in accordance with EN1146
  • MED (Ships wheel) approved
  • Corrosion resistant Nickel-plated components
  • Standard breathing air charging adaptor
  • 10-year service interval
  • Flat visor on three sides
  • Ori-nasal mask
  • Elastomeric neckseal
  • Supply hose
  • Quick release pin
  • Activating strap
  • Contents indicator
  • Whistle
  • Combined cylinder valve and pressure reducer with charging connector
  • 2 or 3 litre 200 bar steel cylinder
  • Activating strap attachment point
  • Adjustable carrying strap
  • Transparent window


Product Specification

  • ELSA 10 min: 4.8kg
  • ELSA 15 min: 5.6kg


  • ELSA 10 min:
    • Length: 510mm
    • Width: 340mm
    • Depth: 135mm
  • ELSA 15 min:
    • Length: 520mm
    • Width: 340mm
    • Depth: 135mm