Model ABL bar linear grilles are constructed from highly corrosion resistant extruded aluminium. The Bar Linear Grille is designed to withstand rough handling without distortion. It is enamel coated and oven-baked for scratch resistant.

ABL Bar Linear Grille is a very popular choice for many cooling, heating and ventilating application, and it is designed to handle large volumes of air with good throw patterns, acceptable pressure drops and sound levels. It is specially designed for architectures, designers and air conditioning engineers with skill and knowledge in the art of Air Distribution.

  • AIR GRILLES bar linears provides a crisp clean line appearance.
  • Perfect for use as a continuous line (Alignment strips will be provided to maintain alignment).
  • Designed ideally for sill and most effectively for high side wall supply and return air.
  • Available in 0 degrees and 15 degrees deflection Bars
  • Specially designed to suit modern architectural and interior decoration requirements
  • Free Area is approximate 65%.
  • Constructed with a standard spacing of 12mm from bar centre to centre.
  • Optional opposed blade volume control damper can be easily adjusted from face of grille by a screwdriver.
  • Corners of frame are reinforced with corner inserts and argon welded to maintain hairline mitre-joints and ensure rigid handling.
  • All grilles are enamel coated and oven- baked for scratch resistant.
  • Units of grilles have been tested at an independent N.A.T.A. accredited test laboratory in Australia.

AIR GRILLES offer a complete selection of extruded aluminium Linear Bar Grilles. They are designed for installation in sidewall or sill and can be used for supply or return air in heating, cooling or ventilating applications. AIR GRILLES have combined architectural beauty with performance and versatility. With fixed bars parallel to the long dimension. Linear Bar Grilles are a popular choice for continuous line use on a variety of applications.

Linear Bar Grilles installed in the sidewall near the ceiling can provide a horizontal air pattern above the occupied zone. Core deflections or 0° or 15° allow the air pattern to be directed up and across the ceiling. The air distribution then benefits from the ceiling coanda effect. For horizontal air patterns of cooling air in free space, 0° or 15° core derlections can direct the air path upward to compensate for the drop resulting from lhc cooling differential of the supply air. The core defection also reduces the open appearance of the grille face.

Linear Bar Grilles installed in the top of a sill or an enclosure provide a vertical air pattern. This is effective on counteracting cold down drafts and in offsetting the radiant effect of glass surfaces. A 15° core deflection, directed toward the glass, will increase the air pattern spread on the glass. The air flow will be directed up the glass and across the ceiling toward the interior.

It is recommended that selections of ceiling mounted Linear Bar Grilles be confined to return or exhaust air application. When ceiling mounted for supply air, they will provide a vertical projection air pattern. Generally, vertical projection is required only for spot healing or spot cooling applications such as entrance vestibules.

Mitred Corners are a standard feature with AIR GRILLES Linear Bar Grilles. When assembled and finished, the accurate mitred joints of the end cap blend perfectly into the total assembly.

If you have a special requirement, please contact your AIR GRILLES representative. We invite your inquiries at AIR GRILLES MANUFACTURING PTE LTD.

Expansion and Contraction of Aluminium
The expansion and contraction of our Extruded aluminium Bar Linears due to the difference in temperatures are shown in the graph.
For all applications, the hairline joint which occurs when Bar Linears are butted together is
sufficient to take care of the expansion and contraction of the aluminium.
The alignment strips furnished with the grille makes it easy to allow this slight clearance during installation and still maintain alignment.

  • Countersunk screw fastening
  • Spring attachment fastening
  • Concealed bracket fastening
  • Concealed fastening Spring Clip


It is provided when Bar Linear Grilles are supplied with open ends for continuous installation.


  • SP – Static Pressure (Pa)
  • NR – Noise rating number based upon room absorption or 10dB
  • T – Throw in meters to a Terminal Velocity of 0.25 m/sec (as per ADC 1062 – R3)
  • Qs – Primary Air Flow Rate (ℓ/s)

Mitred corner sections for Model ABL series Bar Linear Grilles are available in both simple or compound angles if required.They are factory assembled featuring precision mitres plus welded construction at the joints to maintain hairline precision mitre.

Mitred corner sections are finished to match the associated straight sections of grille.

Shown below are three mitred corner sections for Bar LinearGrilles with simple 90 degrees angle joints.

For ceiling, floor or sill
For sidewall inside mitred corner
For sidewall outside mitred corner


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