Hart Fire Louvres are specially designed to be incorporated into most fire-rated timber doors and steel doors.

They are used where the free passage of air or ventilation through the doors is a requirement.

Hart Fire Louvres can provide up to 30 minutes integrity in accordance with SS 332:2000 standards.

Hart Fire Louvres are manufactured from a high performance intumescent material that prevents the spread of fire, smoke and hot or toxic gases.

Installation and removal for maintenance is easy. It consists of two 1.5mm EG Steel louvre face plates rigidly mounted to the door panel with the fire louvre sandwiched between them. The fire louvres are secured to the door panel by screw inserts.

Approved for use
Hart Fire Louvres are tested to withstand a fire rating of up to 30 minutes integrity.

Door panels with opening to accommodate a louvre of size 300mm x 300mm are approved for use by FSB and PSB to SS 332:2000 standards.

‘HART’ SH series Steel and Stainless Steel Door
Available from 0.5 to 4 hour rating, the doors are tested in accordance with ISO and Singapore SS 33:2007, as well as British Standard BS 476 part 22, 1976. HART SH series doors are used mainly in offices, factories, warehouses, MRT, Express way, oil and gas plants and marine industries etc. where high durability and weather resistant are needed.

  • Tested on Dry Wall – up to 2 hr fire rating

The doors leaves are flush faced galvanized steel (1.2 mm) or stainless steel finish, internally supported with rigid steel stiffeners to enhance the overall rigidity and strength of the doors. Frames are made of 1.5 mm Steel, standard profiles 140 x 58 mm single or double rebate.

HART SH series steel doors 4 hour fire rated steel door is tested with vision panel Recommended size for vision panel as follows:
100 mm (W) x 600 mm (H) – 0.5 hour to 4 hour
300 mm (w) x 700 mm (H) – up to 2 hour

Optional Features of ‘HART’ Fire Steel Doors as follows:

  • Fire steel doors can be stuffed with high-quality rock wool in the door panels to provide the necessary thermal/acoustic insulation.
  • Panic bar and multi-locking system device
  • Laminates/plywood fancy veneer
  • Stainless steel kick plate
  • Electromagnetic locking system
  • Air-tight/acoustic seal
  • Shop drawing/other door details are available upon request.
  • Oversized door up to 2830 mm width and 2533 mm height is available upon request.

“HART” Fire Rated Hatch Door
0.5 to 4 hour rating, the doors leaves are flushed faced, four sided frames. Constructed with 1.5 mm E. G. / Stainless steel frames and 1.2 mm E. G. / Stainless steel Panel.
Standard Frame profile: 90 x 58 mm (Single Rebate).
Door panel thickness 45 mm.
Hardware includes: Easy lift, Stainless Hinges, and approved lockset.
Shop drawing / others required door details are available on request.

‘HART’ TH Series Composite Timber Doors
Available from 0.5 to 1 hour rating, the doors are tested in accordance with ISO and Singapore SS 33:2007. HART composite timber doors are suitable for use in offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, condominiums and apartments etc.

The doors leaves are flush faced, lines internally with high density proprietary infill with mill finished timber ply on both side as standard. Further finishing on door leaf/leaves and vision panels etc. are optional.

All doors can be coupled with either Steel Frame or Kapur Timber Frames, single or double rebated. others hardware like stainless steel hinges, selected lockset and flush bolt etc are provided as standard package unless otherwise specified.
Recommended size for Vision Panel: (Approved by SCDF) 100 mm (W) x 600 mm (H)

Optional Features of ‘HART” Fire Timber Doors as follows:

  • Plastic Laminates
  • Fancy veneer plywood
  • Stainless Steel kick plate
  • Stainless Steel inlay
  • Timber Architraves
  • Transom Top Fixed panel
  • Approved ironmongeries as listed in PSB and SETSCO
  • Shop drawing/other required doors are available on request
  • Oversized door up to 2830 mm width and 2533 mm height is available upon request. (Please see selection chart)
  • Built-in louvre (with tested size) for up to 1-hour fire rating available upon request