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Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System, Fire Suppression System for Kitchen Hood

Fire Suppression Systems Ideal For Professional Kitchens

For restaurant owners doing business in Singapore, or anywhere in the world, the kitchen is the engine of the entire establishment. A kitchen is also a place extremely prone to fires. Open flames, a grease-laden environment and smoking hot oil are some fire hazards that are likely to cause fire breakouts. The combination of these things also helps kitchen fires to spread quickly to other parts of the building. The dangerous thing about kitchen fires is that it quickly becomes extremely difficult to contain, as oil and fats burn at relatively high temperatures and extremely quickly. Traditional sprinkler systems usually struggle to control the spread of fire and smoke in a commercial kitchen. Your best defence against such dangers is to have a proper kitchen hood fire suppression system ready in your restaurant or hotel kitchen. A fire suppression system with clean gas or a fire suppression system by co2 are the two most advanced fire suppression systems available in the market with the ability to quickly handle kitchen fires.

Let us have a look at various fire suppression systems that you can use in your restaurant or hotel kitchen to control the spread of fire and suppress it before it burns out of control.

Foam Fire Suppression System
As the name suggests, a foam fire suppression system uses various fire-fighting agents such as fluorochemical surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants and solvents to put out dangerous kitchen fires and prevent it from spreading. As soon as these chemicals are sprayed onto the fire, they expand quickly to engulf and suppress the fire. The foam coats the fuel of the fire, which quickly cuts off the oxygen supply, in turn, suffocating and putting out the fire by starving the fire of oxygen.

Fire Suppression System With Clean Gas
This fire suppression system uses a gas known as heptafluoropropane to suppress and put an end to the fire. It is also a water-free fire suppression system, means it does not leave behind any powdery or sticky residue, simplifying the post-fire clean up. This also means no assets are damaged upon the release of gas.

CO2 Suppression System
This type of fire suppression system uses carbon dioxide (CO2) gas for extinguishing the fire. Carbon dioxide or CO2 is an odourless and colourless gas and is highly efficient as a fire suppression agent.  When released, the Carbon dioxide is at an extremely low temperature and the lack of oxygen suffocates the fire.

Commercial kitchens may seem riddled with fire hazards, however, the risks can be mitigated. Basic humanity should prompt you to providing your employees with a safe working environment, not just for them to perform at their best, but simply to keep them safe if anything happens. Kitchens are expensive to build and maintain anyway, and you wouldn’t want this investment to go up in flames.

The only way you can do so is by installing an efficient fire safety and fire suppression system in the kitchen. You can count on the ability of any of the above-mentioned fire suppression systems to handle kitchen fires easily and promptly.


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