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Free Apps That Teach Kids About Fire Safety

If you think fire safety and prevention are only for adults, it’s time you reconsider this notion. Kids are the most vulnerable individuals during a fire. However, if they are properly educated about handling fire-related emergencies then you’ll never have to worry about their safety. Irrespective of whether you’ve put up a smoke curtain in your house or have every type of fire extinguisher in singapore within your home, your kids are never 100% safe.

How do you bring out the topic of fire safety without scaring the daylights out of your kid?
Well, the topic of fire safety can be a bit scary for your kids if it isn’t introduced properly but mobile applications are helping to break the ice quite successfully. These apps have been designed to inform the kids about fire safety in a playful manner while masking the scary details. Right from informing them about the type of fire extinguisher Singapore to the use of smoke curtain, these apps are well-tuned to get across the message in a succinct manner.

Let us look at some free fire safety apps that are making the lives parents easier:

Sparky’s Firehouse
The National Fire Protection Association, based in the United States, has created one of the finest and coolest apps to teach the kids about fire safety. Parents can download this free app from Google Play, iTunes, and even Amazon Apps. If your kid uses your laptop, they can directly log in to Sparky’s website and learn about fire safety. Actually, it’s a gaming where kids get to learn about smoke detectors, fire trucks, and fire stations. The app teaches kids about the things they need to do whenever they hear the blaring sound of the smoke detectors.

Fire Safety App
If you want your kid to learn about fire safety the fun way, it is hard to beat the app developed by Positive Promotions. Kids get to browse hundreds of activities related to fire safety, like finding fire hazards at home and also to not get scared of firefighters. There’s a memory match game that helps your kids find the fire safety objects. The progressive play and narrative keep kids hooked to the game while learning about the basics of fire safety in a playful manner.

Danger Ranger
Developed by Playrific in collaboration with Mighty Kids Media, this app has been designed to prevent common injuries during fire emergencies by informing children on fire safety. Take your pick from this long list of fire safety apps. Your child has to be educated on fire safety anyway, and games are probably the best option to keep them interested and learning.


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