Tested and Complied to UL555S

Hart Smoke Control Dampers are designed to integrate into building’s smoke and fire ventilation system where dampers provide an automatic mean of detecting, controlling and regulating the spread of smoke and toxic gases. The two functions of a smoke control damper can either be:

  1. To be normally closed and opened only for the channelling of smoke to outdoor during fire breakout.
  2. To be normally opened and closed only during a fire breakout to prevent the progression of smoke through the system.

The unique and uncomplicated design of Hart Smoke control Damper allows for easy installation and low or zero maintenace cost. Hart Dampers are suitable for installation in sheet metal ductwork partition walls, ceiling slabs, concrete or brickwork.

Installation of damper is subjected to local building rules and regulation.

Smoke Control Damper (SCD)
Hart Smoke Control Dampers are constructed with a robust casing of 1.5 mm thick galvanised or stainless Steel plate.

The blades are fitted with diameter 12mm steel spindle in parallel operation and securely linked together on the sides with brass brushing or nylon. Stainless Steel grade side seals are fitted to reduce the gap between in the casing and the blades.

SCD can be connected using an actuator with electric response to an external control panel. Spring returned actuator either be mounted on the side of the damper or inside the ductwork.

SCD can also be mounted by a worm gear for manual control operates as an air damper when requires low leakage function.

Testing and Rating os SCD
Hart’s SCD have been tested and compiled to UL555S (2014) Clause 9 – Temperature Degradation Test at 250°C FOR 20 minutes.
Hart’s SCD have tested and complied to UL555S (2014) Clause 8 – 20,000 cycles of cycling test.
Hart’s SCD have tested and complied to UL555S (2014) Clause 10 for the Leakage Test at 175°C Heated Air