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How to Care and Maintain Your Home Fire Extinguisher

Like any other emergency equipment, home fire extinguishers need timely upkeeps. No one wants a complete failure of their fire extinguishers during a fire at home – it’ll not only lead to a loss of property but also endanger your family members. Often people choose to maintain their home fire extinguishers themselves – they don’t want to outsource it to fire extinguisher maintenance service providers in singapore. From putting up a smoke curtain to choosing the type of fire extinguisher, they like to take up the cudgels themselves. Here’s a lowdown on quick and effective ways to maintain your home fire extinguisher.

Don’t wait for the maintenance date to pass before inspecting your home fire extinguisher. Here are some important steps for an inspection of your fire extinguishers at home:

  • Check the accessibility of your home fire extinguisher: Irrespective of the type of fire extinguisher you have, it must be placed in an easily accessible location. Change the spot if any member of your family finds it difficult to access the fire extinguisher. Always take the advice of your family members and inform everyone if there’s any change of location.
  • Seal inspection: It’s important you check the seals from time to time. If there’s any tampering with the seal, you should immediately inform the company. Broken seals will lead to essential gases or liquids being released, which could eventually render your home fire extinguisher completely ineffective during a fire.
  • Pressure check: Often, larger home fire extinguishers have a pressure gauge attached to them. You have to check if there is appropriate pressure or not. If the fire extinguisher has the test indicator, you can press it to find out whether the pressure reading is within the range or not. Incorrect pressure levels should be immediately reported to the fire extinguisher maintenance company.
  • Check for Damages: You should check for all visible signs of damage, which includes everything from a clogged nozzle to corrosion. Any damage indicates that it’s time to replace the old fire extinguisher with a new one. Inform the fire extinguisher maintenance company and they will come and replace your fire extinguisher.
  • Documenting each and every inspection: It’s important that you document all the maintenance and monthly checks properly. You can even attach an inspection tag to your home fire extinguisher so that every time you do an inspection, you can easily know the date of the last inspection you did.

It’s commendable if you want to take the DIY route when maintaining your fire extinguisher, but it’s equally wise to leave such a specialised job to technicians offering fire extinguisher maintenance in Singapore. They’re experts and can easily detect any problem with your device.


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