Industrial/Commercial Range of Sliding, Folding and Blast Doors

At Leeden Fire Safety, we offer the engineering, designing, fabricating, and installation of industrial sliding doors that are used for both commercial and industrial purposes. These doors are ideal as they are made to withstand the rigorous environments of various types of industries, while also being durable and long-lasting.

Fire rated sliding doors, are available from our Durasteel range of Durasteel core/ DuraFire DD 240 Slider,others include DuraFire Drop Shutters, DuraFire Trap Doors, DD Trap Doors, and more. Leeden Fire Safety also supplies industrial-grade sliding doors that are designed specifically to the requirements or specifications of a customer.

The advantages of steel & metal sliding doors

Leeden Fire Safety’s heavy-duty sliding doors possess a host of advantages that benefit both commercial and industrial uses in Singapore.

  • High reliability
  • Efficient installation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Free-running
  • Simple-operation
  • Clean-design

The applications for Hart steel & metal composite sliding doors

 These doors are designed for a wide range of applications in many industries in Singapore. Some of these applications are:

  • Sliding doors can be used for units in industrial factories.
  • Sliding doors can be used in storage warehouses to safe-keep equipment.
Industrial Steel Sliding Doors

Industrial Sliding Folding Door

Industrial Sliding Door

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