Industrial/Commercial Range of Sliding, Folding and Blast Doors

Besides making a wide range of “Hart” steel and timber fire rated doors, roller shutters and fire / smoke dampers, Hart and Leeden Fire safety are also engaged in the engineering, design, fabrication and installation of another wide range of industrial and/ or commercial application sliding, folding, blast, trap and drop shutters etc.

These door range include Durasteel ( Promat / Intumex ) core DuraFire DD 240 Slider, DuraFire 120/240 Trap doors. DuraFire 120/240 drop shutters, DuraSecure DD3/5/5 and DD Trap doors. Other industrial sliding metal and timber doors are also available in accordance to customers specifications and requirements. These doors and design and made with Henderson or equally high quality hardware that will cater for the high expectation of the customer needs.

Catalogues and details of these doors are as per attached.

Please contact us for further details on your requirements.


Industrial Sliding Folding Door


Durasteel Doors