Significance and Advantages of Fire Rated Doors

When it comes to protecting your residential or working space and its occupants from the dangers of a fire, you simply cannot rely on normal wooden doors. Normal doors and windows used in residential homes and commercial buildings in Singapore are typically made of wood, plastic or other light materials and are not able to withstand the extreme temperatures in a fire emergency. You need doors made of special materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures during a fire emergency. This is where fire rated doors come to the fore. Fire rated doors are constructed of fire-resistant materials like timber, glass, steel, gypsum and vermiculite boards. The main purpose of using a fire rated door in a building or home is to restrict and delay the spread of fire, smoke, and fumes from one part of the building to other parts. There are two primary advantages of using fire rated doors.

Major Advantage of Fire Rated Doors

  • fire rated doors help facilitate the safe and quick evacuation of occupants
  • fire rated doors help minimise damage to the property

Fire rated doors are given various ratings depending on the duration they can withstand the heat and restrain the fire from spreading to the other parts of the building. Minimally, fire rated doors can withstand the heat for 20 minutes. This number can go as high as 90 minutes. There is a misconception that fire rated doors cannot be made with wood. In reality, this is not the case. Fire rated doors can be made of wood, but the wood used in the manufacturing of such fire rated doors is treated with different materials that enable it to withstand extreme temperatures.

Although the main purpose of using a fire rated door is to protect various exit points, such as horizontal exits, stair enclosures and exit corridors, they are also used to compartmentalise your building into various fire-safe areas or into specific evacuation areas. You can put your employees and other important assets of your company in this fire-safe area as a holding area during an evacuation.

Fire rated doors should be an integral part of your fire protection plan as they are extremely effective in protecting the lives of your employees, office equipment and, most importantly, the structural integrity of the building. Make sure to choose a fire rated door that comes with the highest ratings and meets your specific requirements.

Installing a Fire Rated Door
While selecting a fire rated door with the best ratings is important, you have to ensure it is properly installed. A fire rated door is only effective if it is professionally installed. Each fire door comes with a different set of specifications as far as material, size, shape and parts of the door are concerned. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind while installing a fire rated door. Only professionals with their accompanying experience are able to install a fire rated door as per the specifications approved by the fire department for the door to perform to its maximum effectiveness.

In addition, buying a fire door from approved suppliers with proper COC (certificate of conformity). An approved fire rated door in Singapore come with the labels from the ‘certified body’ (CB), and if such label is not available, the fire door will not be considered an approved door by SCDF.