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Where To Buy Fire Extinguisher Singapore

Where Should You Place Your Fire Extinguisher (For Home and Office)

We never think of a fire does happen at our home or office before we actually find ourselves in the middle of a raging fire that threatens to burn down our offices and homes. Just using and having the best home fire extinguishers in Singapore isn’t enough to combat an unwarranted inferno. We must learn where to place fire extinguishers strategically so we can actually use them during a fire emergency. We must have a plan and appropriate equipment installed at the right places to combat different types of fires.

It’s imperative to deal with fires quickly before it turns into an inferno that threatens to engulf the entire property. It is strongly recommended that you install a home fire extinguisher in an appropriate place so that you can reach it whenever the need arises. Thus, to put out the flames quickly, you must install the fire extinguishers close to heat sources or at strategic points on your property. Not only your home, but offices can also be protected against fire by placing the right fire extinguisher at the right place.

Places to install fire extinguishers at home

  • Kitchen: Statistics reveal that around 65% of fires start in the kitchen. Needless to say, you should have an appropriate Singapore home fire extinguisher placed in the kitchen. Water-based fire extinguishers fail to stop such fires because they are caused by grease, oil or gas. Thus, only Class K fire extinguishers are suited to deal with kitchen fires.
  • Fire extinguishers for every floor: Now, this should be followed at both the homes as well as offices because if you have a fire extinguisher strategically placed in the middle of each floor, people can easily access them during a fire. Keep the extinguisher in a place that is easily visible from every corner of the floor.
  • Workshop and garage: Inflammable materials such as oil, paints, gasoline and other solvents are often stored in garages and workshops. If you have the propensity of storing such inflammable materials in the garage or workshop, then you must install the appropriate home fire extinguisher.
  • Laundry room: Fires often start with the dryer in your laundry as the lint connected to it is extremely inflammable and can catch fire while you operate the dryer.  Keep the link trap clean
  • Patio: In case you have a fire pit or a grill on the patio, then it’s very important that you install a fire extinguisher there.
  • Bedroom: Fires often occur at night so it’s wise to keep a fire extinguisher in your bedroom so that the fire can be stopped in its initial stage only.

Offices must be adequately equipped with both portable and large fire extinguishers that can take care of anything from a small fire to a raging inferno. Your employees must be trained in fire safety so that they can deal with the fires properly and quickly evacuate the building when the need arises.