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Your Everyday Appliances That May Start a Fire

Electrical appliances are a part of our daily lives now and we find ourselves relying on them for a multitude of reasons. You may turn to Smart TV’s, music and video game devices for entertainment or simply rely on appliances like washing machines to help your everyday chores and tasks. What you may not realise is that these appliances can pose a real threat in terms of fire hazards.

Here are some of the appliances that you need to keep in check:

Air Conditioners
It’s ironic that an appliance intended to cool down is also one that is perhaps most likely to start a fire. A report by the Singapore Civil Defence Force claims that fires caused by air conditioners are the most common out of those from all household electrical appliances. There are 2-3 cases per month in which an air conditioner has created a fire in a house – for six years straight.

The fire can occur when the air conditioner is ‘switched off’ which essentially means it is on standby. The cause of this is spliced wires covered with masking tape. Power continues to flow through the tape, leading to overheating, and the tape, being flammable catches fire. Air conditioners are usually placed on walls next to curtains, wooden shelves or other combustible items that can make the situation even more dangerous. This can be avoided by ensuring that the wiring of the appliance is not a malfunction and has been connected properly.

Washing Machines
Washing machines are one of the leading causes of residential fires worldwide. This may be because faulty machines with troublesome wiring or any other problems are not as easily replaced as other smaller, more convenient appliances. We may not recognise the threat posed by an old washing machine and might not bother getting it checked or replaced – which can lead to a fire hazard.

In addition, a washing machine is a rare appliance that is usually left on its own and not watched closely. This means that any minor problem occurring while it’s running or dormant is likely to be missed until it leads to a larger fire or another issue. To avoid this, keep a close eye on your washing machine and have it checked frequently. Another safety measurement would be to fix some smoke curtains in your house.

Water Heaters
In another report by the Singapore Civil Defence Force, water heaters are claimed to be another cause of frequent residential fires, coming in just below air-conditioners and lights. Water heaters are inherently dangerous because their purpose is to generate heat. This heat is generated through electrical wiring which can cause overheating and a spark, culminating in a fire.

Water heaters are also frequently used and often left on after a hot shower. This is especially dangerous if the heater catches fire while you are in the bathroom – leaving you trapped in an enclosed space. Therefore, as a preventative method, remember to turn off the heater after use or install fire suppression system by co2. In addition, call an electrician to run regular checks on the wiring.

Fire accidents at home are a common occurrence and can happen to anyone. Make sure to keep your appliances updated and ensure that the wiring is not faulty to be on the safe side. One of the things to check for is your fire suppression system, wet chemical for the kitchen hood.


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