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Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

9 Tips for Using and Maintaining Fire Resistant Shutters

The last thing your home or business premise would ever want to experience is a faulty fire resistant roller shutter that failed to protect lives and property during a fire incident. Fire resistant roller shutters are made to last for years, keeping you safe from fire outbreaks. But its functionality and effectiveness are determined by its installation and maintenance. It is therefore important to know what we can do in ensuring that our fire shutters are well fixed and adequately maintained.

Why is Proper Installation and Maintenance Necessary

A fire resistant roller shutter is not just another component of a building. In fact, it is regarded as a machinery. And as we know, machines are prone to faults, wear and tear after some years of usage or non-usage completely. Truth is, the lack of proper installation and maintenance will not only result in malfunctioning but could also be dangerous and fatal in the event of a fire outbreak.

Before discussing installation and maintenance tips, it should be noted that all repairs and technical maintenance of fire resistant roller shutters must only be carried out by an experienced contractor. If any fault is noticed on a fire shutter either during or prior to a fire incident, an experienced contractor or the supplier should be contacted immediately.

Installation and Maintenance Tips
In theory, fire shutters should be installed on fire compartments or fire walls, but they are more useful in places that are more prone to fires which will warrant some levels of fire segregation. Example of these include warehouses, kitchen areas, plant rooms, generator houses, boiler rooms and places where there are electrical substations

  1. When considering installation, avoid taking measurements on your own. You may be ordering a wrong size. Let the specialist do the measurement.
  2. Paint should not accumulate on the moveable parts of the roller shutter. When painting a building, the areas near the mechanisms of a fire-resistant roller shutter should be carefully avoided.
  3. Always grease and oil the moveable parts of the fire resistant roller shutter to avoid unwanted friction and rust. This will ensure smooth running and prevent damages to the runners.
  4. Ensure that a maintenance schedule is carried out by a qualified engineer every 3 months, 6 months or one year depending on the extent of fire risk level of the building.
  5. Remove any obstruction that may prevent the shutter from closing.
  6. There is a need for proper documentation of all deficiencies, inspections, repairs and reports.
  7. Personally, ensure you are always checking for any physical signs of general wear and tear on the shutter or on the trigger mechanism such as the fire-alarm.
  8. In cleaning any part of a fire shutter, do not use abrasive cleaners, solvents or methylated spirits. Also resist using harsh materials like scrubbing brushes, scrapper or steel wool. You can simply use a soft sponge and a mild soap after the shutter has been hosed down, just the way you would wash your car.

Get Professional Advice
It is true that your own maintenance efforts are quite crucial, but there is always more to know about the do’s and don’ts of installing and maintaining a fire resistant roller shutter. It is always good to contact fire safety experts or experienced suppliers of fire shutters who are well grounded in the trade.



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