Fire Resistant Roller


A fire rated roller shutter is commonly used by warehouses, factories, commercial buildings and complexes in Singapore, where the storage of sellable goods is common. The shutter can keep a fire contained for two to four hours.

These fire resistant roller shutters are usually placed in between a rented area and a common walking area, to help prevent the spread of an internal fire – if a tenant’s goods accidentally catch fire, the rest of the building is spared.

Leeden Fire Safety’s fire rated roller shutter is motorised, but can be operated manually too. The shutters can close automatically if there is a fire alarm is activated, thereby cordoning off areas of the building. The shutter is tested for true fire resistance and integrity. These shutters are tested to SS 489 and are approved by SCDF in Singapore.

‘Hart’ fire rated roller shutters can be use for opening up to a maximum width of 9 m and maximum opening size of 7m x 7m, rated up to 4 hours in stability & integrity. ‘Hart’ brand fire rated shutters can be supplied in bare finish or with colour on the surface via painting.


Fire Rated Roller Shutters

2 - 4 Hour Fire Rated Roller Shutters