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Type of Fire Extinguisher Singapore

A Guide on How to Use Your Home Fire Extinguisher


Installing a home fire extinguisher is extremely important for your safety and security. Any fire extinguisher company in Singapore can do it for you. However, mere installation is not enough as a fire safety precaution. The company will not come up at the time of crisis and douse off the flames for you. You will have to do it before any help comes in. Hence, you need to know how to use a home fire extinguisher properly or it would defeat the purpose of installing one in your home in the first place.

Recognize which fire extinguisher you need
The first step involves getting familiar with various kinds of fire extinguisher. There are 8 common types of fire extinguishers available. Water, water mist, water spray, foam, standard variety of dry power, specialist variety of dry powder, carbon dioxide and wet chemical fire extinguisher.

The second step involves determining whether you have the right kind of fire extinguisher installed. You need to install the type of fire extinguisher depending upon the type of fire that the place in question is likely to catch.

Ensure your fire extinguisher is in working condition
The next thing that you need to see is whether the device is properly positioned and whether it is properly pressurized so that it will work at the time of need. This can be ensured with the help of a fire extinguisher maintenance company that can keep your device in working condition.

Understand how to use a fire extinguisher
Coming to the question of positioning, you need to position yourself in a proper way when you are extinguishing a fire. You have to ensure that your back is facing an unobstructed outlet, so that nothing comes in your way should you need to turn around and get out of the spot fast. Generally, the discharge range for the extinguishers runs from 2 to 6m, depending on the type of device you use. Hence, you need to consider that distance and maintain that while using the device so that there is enough space in between you and the flames. This makes sure that you are not affected by the flames in any way.

Use the device with the proper technique PASS; Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep.

Pull: Firstly, you need to pull the pin.

Aim: Then, you need to aim the device nozzle to the base of the flames – not the tip. That will only disturb the flames, but will not douse them. You need to hit the very base from where they are originating.

Squeeze: You need to pull the trigger to release the agent.

Sweep: Sweep the nozzle from one side to another at moderate pace, to make sure that the entire range of flame is covered. However, remember to continue aiming at the base as you sweep through the flames. Continue doing so even after you no longer see the flames. Normally, these devices take 10 to 20 seconds to discharge the agent. You need to adjust the use accordingly.

Once you have doused the flames, do not back off immediately. There may be a hot spot there that can revive the flames. Slowly back away, making sure that you have left no hidden fire, or spark that can reignite the fire. One very important factor is that after you have used the device, even if you have not used all the pressure and the agent, you need to refill and re-pressurize it at the earliest.

However, if you see that the fire is getting out of control, do not hesitate to call the fire emergency department. Remember, safety first!



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