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A Guide to Buying Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

The traditional single skin fire resisting rolling shutter usually works and appears the same way as the standard steel fire resistance shutter. The only physical difference between the two are the materials used to manufacture them. The materials employed in Standard Steel rolling fire shutter are heavier compared to the traditional shutter. The Syston doors are also an excellent alternative for physical fire shutter products.

On the shutter structural recommendation, the structure that is supporting the fire resistant rolling shutter should be a fire resistant separating element. It has to have a fire resistance rate equal or greater than the rate required for the rolling shutter itself. It must be capable of supporting the rolling shutter for the fire resistance period required without compromising the performance of the fire resistant roller shutters.

How Fire Resistant Roller Shutters Can Protect Your Business

It is clear that fire can cause tremendous damage to many lives, properties, and companies. Most people commonly adopt various safety measures and procedures with a primary aim of preventing and aiding in the event of a fire. The most destructive damage is caused once a fire that has broken out cannot be contained or stopped and it ends up spreading throughout the building. Land and building space in Singapore is extremely valuable and any form of destruction will incur huge losses for the people.

By installing a Fire Resistant Roller Shutter, it enables you to section your building while still having access throughout the building, which will otherwise be restricted or blocked by permanent fire-proof walls. In fact, the auto features of a roller shutter mean that it can stay open at all times and will only close when the temperature on the fusible connection or link reaches approximately 68 Degrees Celsius or moments when the fire detection alarm is tripped.

Tips For Selecting The Right Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

Most industrial and commercial roller shutter can provide your business with many benefits from securing your entire premises to protecting the building from wild weather. The following are some of the factors you are required to consider when you are selecting the desirable roller shutter for your business.

The Purpose of the Fire Shutter

Why do you need a roller shutter?

Before you start browsing for fire shutter options, you must have a clear idea of the reason you are purchasing the roller shutter for your business. Is your primary priority aesthetics, efficiency, weather, security, fire or multiple purposes? Do you require your shutters to be automated or just manual? Does your building need to work with such equipment? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you look at the product feature.

Do they provide guarantees or warranties?

It is wise to pay close attention to the warranties and guarantees which are provided by your seller. A reputable seller must offer warranties on the product itself or other individual parts.

The manufacture of these industrial and commercial fire resistant roller shutters

It is also crucial to know who produced the roller shutter you are going to purchase to ensure that they are quality-assured.


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