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Where To Buy Fire Extinguisher Singapore

Are you Using the Right Fire Extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher may seem a very insignificant thing to worry about, and you may not care about where to buy a fire extinguisher in Singapore. However, statistics show that fires are the sixth leading cause of fatal injuries and about 40% of the accidents that take place in the world start with fire. We may not realize it, but the threat of fire endangers our life constantly. Thus, having and knowing how to use the right fire extinguisher is of utmost importance.

Which fire extinguisher is the right one for me?

The development of technology has lead to the birth of various kinds of fire extinguishers. In order to combat fires effectively one must be using the ‘right extinguisher’. For residential purposes, opting for small fire extinguishers is logical as it comes in handy in the kitchen and is capable of taking care of minor accidents.

In commercial buildings, schools and offices, using standard extinguishers is a good option as the chances of fire are more slim. For hospitals and factories where the chances of fire are very high, one should select something advanced and get the extinguishers maintained and replaced regularly. Regular replacements are as important as buying an extinguisher in the first place. Fires in commercial places have often exacerbated because of irregular maintenance resulting in extinguishers becoming futile.

Different Types of Fire Extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers must be selected with utmost care for one day your life may depend on it. Here are the different types of fire extinguishers you should know about:

Type A: Fires on soft furnishings and carpets can be easily put out with type A fire extinguishers typically powder type or clean gas type. However, they prove to be ineffective while combating fires caused by cooking fats or flammable liquids. You can place these fire extinguishers in your living room and bedroom but not in the kitchen.

Type B: When you’re trying to combat an inferno caused by flammable liquids such as spirits, petrol or other liquids, use the type B fire extinguishers typically foam or CO2 base. However, refrain from using them to counter electrical fires.

CO2: In order to put off the flames caused by electrical or inflammable liquids, you can use the CO2 based fire extinguishers.

Dry Powder: These fire extinguishers are extremely effective in dealing with a variety of fires at home as well as in commercial buildings. You can safely use them on wood, electrical fires, textiles and flammable gases or liquids. The only problem with dry powder fire extinguishers is that they can’t be used in the kitchen or fires involving oils and cooking fats.

Wet Chemical: These fire extinguishers are good at combating kitchen fires that involve cooking oil or fat and even electrical fires.

Before choosing your fire extinguisher, you need to understand your exact needs. If you are still confused, call in an expert to guide you. Once you gain knowledge about the appropriate fire extinguishers, you can go ahead with purchasing a home fire extinguisher in Singapore for the safety of you and the people around you.


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