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How To Ensure the Reliability Of Your Fire Protection Method

What does reliability for a fire protection method mean? Surely, it gauges how effective is the system in case of any emergencies. The reliability of a fire protection system can be gauged only when a fire breaks out. Otherwise, it just lies somewhere. Hence, in order to ensure the reliability of such equipment, one has […]

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What You Should Know About Fire Suppression Systems

Do not consider installing a kitchen hood fire suppression system, simply because others are doing so. Simply installing such a system without any knowledge of its functions, will not suffice. Knowing its various components and how they work is as important as installing the system itself. Having even a vague idea about a fire suppression […]

fire suppression system for kitchen hood

4 Ways to Enhance Your Current Fire Suppression System

It is quite common to feel that setting up a fire suppression system for kitchen hood and a certification from the fire department is good enough to respond to any mishap. Well, here’s the bad news: this is only partially correct! The fire suppression system has to be in top condition so that it triggers […]

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Essential Features Of Fire Breathing Apparatus

There is no shortage of fire breathing apparatus on the market. They come in various forms types and are designed to offer a different set of advantages to users in emergency situations. Understandably, these tools come in handy when normal breathing becomes a difficult task due to the smoke of fire outbreaks. Irrespective of the […]

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The Function of a Fire Damper and Its Installation Process

Installing fire dampers is mandatory in commercial buildings in Singapore and facility managers across the country are responsible for their proper repair and maintenance. It is important that the buildings are protected against mishaps like accidental fires. Apart from fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, it is imperative to install fire dampers. These are effective equipment […]

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The Importance of Training your Employees on Fire Safety

Losing lives in a fire within a commercial building is quite a common occurrence. At the root of it is panic and a lack of proper fire training, more easily known as ‘what to do during a fire. Fires in commercial buildings lead to huge commotions and often a complete blockage of exit routes, causing […]

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Benefits of Installing A Fire Rated Door

A fire rated door may look like any other ordinary door, but it is made up of completely different types of materials. Even the bolts and the screws of the door are different than those used in conventional doorways. Although these doors are very similarly structured to standard doorways, there are many benefits of installing […]

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What You Should Prepare In Case Of A Fire Emergency At Home

Fire emergencies at homes need two kinds of responses. One addresses to the preparations made beforehand, and the other is the immediate response. Installing a home fire extinguisher is just one part of the big plan. Emergency Response Plan (ERP) An ERP is a holistic plan with detailed responses to different kinds of disasters. It […]

Where To Buy Fire Extinguisher Singapore

Are you Using the Right Fire Extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher may seem a very insignificant thing to worry about, and you may not care about where to buy a fire extinguisher in Singapore. However, statistics show that fires are the sixth leading cause of fatal injuries and about 40% of the accidents that take place in the world start with fire. We […]