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Save Crucial Time During Emergency by Using Fire Dampers

Fire breakouts can ruin even the best buildings in the world and result in huge financial losses. There have been several instances where valuable lives were lost to fires in commercial and residential buildings. It is time for you to consider using fire smoke dampers in your building and how to repair and maintain them as well.

Fire Dampers and Their Uses
Apart from the basic home fire extinguishers, fire dampers are essential fire prevention equipments installed inside a building. These are usually installed at the place where the duct goes inside the floor or wall and it facilitates the entry of the ventilated air during normal condition through the partition, wall, or duct. A fire damper maintains the integrity of the fire separating elements by automatically closing the passage for a specific time period when a fire occurs, which prevents the fire from spreading to the other parts of the building. There are heat sensitive devices or fusible links that create a mechanism to close the damper on detecting fire.

Fire dampers usually work at a temperature higher than 75 degree Celsius; however, there are some buildings that already maintain a high temperature, so in such areas, the fusible links are set at higher temperatures as required. There are two common types of fire dampers, namely Dynamic Fire Dampers and Static Fire Dampers which are both effective in preventing the spread of flames.

Time is Crucial
During emergencies like a fire breakout, time is of great importance as it takes only seconds or minutes for a small flame to turn into a deadly inferno. Thus, it is imperative to have a first line of defence to save the property as well as the lives residing inside it. Fire dampers act as the first line of defence during accidental fires as it prevents the fire from spreading by cutting down the air supply. This device saves crucial time during an emergency by nipping the problem in its bud. Even if there is no one present in the building or home, the fire dampers work with absolute precision by shutting down the valves of the HVAC system and not allowing the fire to spread.

Timely intervention during fire breakouts is the only way to save properties from complete damage and also save valuable lives. You cannot leave your employees or family in a perilous situation by not complying with the fire safety guidelines, including the installation of key equipments like fire dampers. Facility managers need to keep in mind that lives of the residents and office goers depend on their preparedness to handle disasters like fire. They should not only install fire dampers but also regularly repair and maintain them on a regular basis so that the tools function properly during a fire breakout.

Get the Best Fire Dampers in Singapore
There are several companies in Singapore that offer installation and maintenance of fire dampers in commercial as well as residential properties. You must research online to find out more about the companies that sell these fire dampers and choose a reliable company to place your order. Most of these companies have trained technicians to carry out the installations as well. Buy a fire damper and save crucial time during a fire breakout.


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