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Type of Fire Extinguisher Singapore

Teaching your Kid How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Grappling with a raging fire can be quite a challenging task if you’re unable to prevent it when it just starts. Your livelihood and property could be wiped away within minutes. Thus, it’s important that you learn about the precautionary measures, techniques, and equipment to prevent fire in your home. Procuring a home fire extinguisher in Singapore is not the only way to prevent fire; there are other factors to consider as well.

The very first step towards fire prevention is awareness about fire and precautionary measures. It’s not enough if you alone learn about fire prevention. All your family members, including your children, need to possess basic knowledge about dealing with fire breakouts. You need to learn about the different types of fire-fighting techniques, especially those adopted for small homes. Dousing the flames with the right type of fire extinguisher is also important. For instance, you can’t douse electrical fires with water and would instead need a Class C rated fire extinguisher. Thus, you will have to purchase appropriate home fire extinguishers in Singapore to effectively deal with fire breakouts.

The ability of your kids in helping you douse the flames and at times even handling fire extinguishers all by themselves is subject to proper training and awareness about fire-fighting. You can’t leave your kids to the mercy of leaping flames and instead, train them to deal with fire breakouts by learning about fire prevention. Your kids need to learn about the PASS method for handling small fire and dousing the flames with home fire extinguishers. Here is a training method developed to deal with fires.

Your kids need to remember the PASS method while using the fire extinguisher:

  • P – pulling the extinguisher pin
  • A – aiming the fire extinguisher low
  • S – squeezing the handle
  • S – sweeping the extinguisher sidewise

Besides just using home fire extinguishers, you need to train your kids how to prevent fires as well. You need to inform them about not leaving any kind of flammable items like gas cylinders in front of flames or fire, and ensure that the iron is switched off and unplugged before it is left unattended. You also need to tell them to call the emergency fire service in case they notice flames in any corner of the building.

Prevention is the best way to fight unwanted fire breakouts in homes and farmhouses. Avoiding scenarios which could lead to fires breaking out minimises the chances of an actual fire breaking out. Your kids can play a vital role in nipping accidental fires in the bud by learning about the prevention techniques and even handling home fire extinguishers efficiently.



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