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Tips to Save Your Pets During a Fire


Finding out an online store selling fire extinguisher can provide an easy answer to a common question “Where to buy a fire extinguisher in Singapore?” However, this is not going to solve the problem of evacuating your pets during a fire. Your favourite Dalmatian Dog or Siamese can easily panic during a fire and make it extremely difficult for you to get it out to a safe place. It’s important to practice fire safety norms for your pets so that you’re able to evacuate them during accidental fires.

Here is a list of effective tips to save your pets from a damaging fire:

Keep them away from the open flames
Cats, dogs and even parrots dread fire to an extent that they will panic and try to hide anywhere in the house and not come out even when you can call them. This can make your evacuation task extremely difficult. You need to keep your pets away from the fire so that they don’t panic and react in an extreme manner. Open flames like gas stoves, candles and even barbecue grills must be out-of-bounds for your pets. Ensure that they’re tied to a leash when there’s a naked flame burning in your house. This way you can not only prevent fires but also evacuate your pets during a fire breakout.

Training your pet for emergency evacuation
You must always train your dog so as to deal with eventualities when they occur. Emergency evacuation during fire breakouts is easier if you train your pet on a regular basis. Train your pet to come to you whenever you call i.e. even when they are taking a nap or playing with their favourite toy. Once your pet is trained, it will answer your call during any time of the day or night. This will save you valuable time during fire breakout and help you evacuate your pet to a safer location.

Installing fire safety equipment
Installation of a fire extinguisher at home is important in this emergency situation as well. Should your pet be trapped in an area due to the fire, you need to try to extinguish the fire or provide an opening for your pet to escape. This will help you evacuate your pet to a safer location before the fire spreads.

Hand over a spare key to your neighbour
A fire can break out when you’re not present in your home and during such a situation, your pet’s life can be in great danger. If you don’t want your favourite cat or dog to be trapped, one suggestion will be to give a spare house key to a neighbour that you trust. If that seems too dangerous, exchange your mobile number with your neighbours so that they can contact you immediately if an emergency occurs.



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