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Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Top 5 Major Benefits of Fire Shutters

If you are looking for a roller shutter, consider installing a fire shutter which is specifically designed to provide fire protection. Fire shutters are one of the most popular options when it comes to increasing fire resistance of a structure or establishment. As compared to standard shutters or fire rated doors, fire shutters have the mechanism to instantly detect fire and automatically activate as a response. Furthermore, fire shutters can also be connected to a fire alarm system which is extremely helpful in sending out warnings in case of a fire emergency.

Following are top 5 major benefits of fire shutters:

1. Safe Exit

Fire shutters provide the facilities with a safe exit in case of a fire emergency. These shutters are made of steel that has an increased resistance against fire, so you can use it to manage or control the damage by closing different sections of the floor or building. Sectional shutters keep fire damage at the minimum and allow the safe exit of people from the property. It is recommended to install horizontal fire shutters between floors as they are particularly great at providing fire protection in a building with multiple floors/sections.

2. Protection

Fire shutters are made according to specific industry standards, which means they pass through several rigid tests to ensure they meet strict requirements of insurance providers and end-users who are concerned about safety. Furthermore, these shutters are highly customizable so you can fit them in different dimensions of openings. You can either have them in powder-coated steel or galvanized steel for maximum fire protection.

3. Ease of Use

Fire shutters don’t require manual intervention as they run with simple controls. These shutters detect fire and automatically activate, regardless of whether it is an automated standalone system or a part of an overall fire alarm system. Because of this reason, they are relatively easy to integrate into the mechanism and architecture of the building. Furthermore, they are available in a wide range of attractive designs and colors, which makes them suitable for all kinds of applications.

4. Light and Ventilation Control

Apart from providing fire protection, fire resistant roller shutters are also extremely versatile and give you more control over privacy, ventilation, and light. Depending on the weather, you can either lower these shutters to keep the room cooler in shade or raise them completely to let more light in. You can also control the air flow with them and keep drafts out. So you can have complete control, privacy, and peace of mind with quality fire shutters.

5. Eco-Efficiency

In addition to providing protection from fire, which generally lasts up to three or four hours, fire shutters are sustainable to use. They provide high levels of insulation and usually have unmatched eco-efficiency rating. Moreover, the steel they are made of is nearly 100 percent recyclable, so it further reduces the environmental pollution. The use of fire shutters will not undermine your building’s look and utility. Instead, it will greatly improve your environmental efficiency.


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