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Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Top 5 Reasons to Install Fire Shutters

All businesses are concerned about the threat of fire because it could easily become the cause of damage to building’s structure, loss of stock, or even harm employees and lead to a business crisis. Therefore, installation of the right equipment such as fire shutters is necessary to restrict potential damage by preventing the fire from spreading.

Following are the top 5 reasons to install fire shutters: Fire Protection

1. Fire Protection

Fire resistant roller shutters are specifically designed to close at the onset of a fire break out to prevent the potential chain reaction that could follow. Quality fire shutters are made of fire resistant material that can easily withstand fire for many hours (up to four hours or so), and give enough time for evacuation as well as for the fire officers to come in and put out the fire. Furthermore, you can link a fire shutter to audio or visual deacon fire alarms for automatic closing in case of the earliest fire detection, and quickly prevent the fire from spreading, keeping your premises protected.

2. Durable and Secure

While acting as both a visual and physical deterrent, fire shutters can also help keep your premises secure as they are manufactured from galvanized steel which is very durable. Apart from the fire shutters’ strength and durability, it is also a legal requirement in most states that companies must have doors checked and maintained on a regular basis. If they fail to do so, their premises insurance may be invalidated along with the fire certification of the building by a local fire officer. So it is another reason to install fire shutters.

3. Theft Protection

Dual purpose fire shutters not only provide necessary fire protection but they can also be operated as a theft protection. Storefront owners usually install these shutters on their windows in order to protect against smash-and-grab thefts. Apart from this, fire shutters are also commonly used inside warehouses, loading docks, and rear entrances to limit access to certain areas of the business. These durable and sturdy shutters create visual and physical barriers against thieves and most would-be burglars are deterred from attempting a break-in when these shutters are visible.

4. Cost Effective

As fire resistant roller shutters offer dual benefit in both acting as a fire resistant surface and protecting from break-ins, they are a cost effective installation for a business. You can have fire shutters made according to your specific business needs and electronically operate them to allow for quick shutting.

5. Sleek and Attractive

Most people consider fire shutters to be ugly; they are wrong. Fire shutters come in a wide range of attractive and sleek designs and can easily contribute to the overall aesthetic look of your business. Furthermore, you can finish the shutters as well as the roller and motor housings in attractive surface textures and colors, making them blend in the surrounding décor. Some of the popular color choices include white, brown, tan, grey, and unpainted stainless steel, however you can get custom colors as well, for example green, red, blue, and even wood grain patterns on powder coated finishes. The variety of pattern, textures, and colors depend on the manufacturer.


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