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Fire Rated Metal Door Singapore

What are the Basic Dos and Don’ts of Fire?

When it comes to fire safety awareness, no one is exempted. Everyone should be knowledgeable about it. No one wants a terrible fire accident to happen; it will not hurt to take precautionary measures to be guided accordingly. This practice should be observed both in your home and your workplace. The good news is that every individual can take an active participation in this. From young ones to adults, a role can be taken. Every fire consultant will agree to this.

Now the big question is – what can you do and not do, in the midst of a raging fire? What should you do to ensure you succeed in saving yourself and lives? These are some of the points that you can take down.

The Dos

  1. Have an evacuation plan and ensure that everyone familiarizes themselves with it.
  2. If there is already a fire, you need to evacuate accordingly. You will not be able to do this if you do not calm yourself down. This has to be observed the moment the fire alarm or the carbon monoxide alarm is activated.
  3. Always prepare your medications and medical equipment with you. They should be handy enough and within your reach such that you can access them in times of a building evacuation.
  4. In the midst of a fire, check the exit doors first before you escape through them. If they are not hot but only warm to touch, they are likely still safe and away from the fire.
  5. Be on your toes. When you detect a fire, immediately look for a fire alarm pull station. This is important for warning and alarming everyone that a fire is happening. Any delayed responses might result in devastating human or property damages.

The Don’ts

  1. Do not leave incense, candles, barbeque grills or any open flames unattended. This should be observed not just in homes but also in establishments and buildings.
  2. If you have curtains, do not place any halogen lamps near them as they are highly flammable.
  3. When cooking, do not leave your stove on and unattended. You should always give your full attention when handling your cooking as a fire can be started from the burning of your food or the leaking of any gas. There have been many cases of fires happening due to unattended stoves.
  4. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, sprinkler systems and fire alarms should not be tampered with in any way possible.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Do your best to observe measures which will heighten the safety of your home or office. Fire extinguishers, fire dampers and engineered smoke control systems are all preventive measures you can find in Singapore. These equipment are meant to prevent a fire and protect you should there be one. Able professionals will be able to assist you in the installation if you intend to have one for your home, office or workplace. While this may sound like an unnecessary investment for some, is it, in fact, a necessity to protect your family and workplace from possible dangers of fire.


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