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Fire Extinguisher Servicing Singapore

What You Can Expect From a Fire Extinguisher Servicing

There is no dearth of companies that conduct fire extinguisher servicing in Singapore. These companies offer tireless service to their clients in the best ways possible in order to ensure safety and security.  The nature of service may vary from one company to another on the basis of their respective mission and vision. However, the basic ethical approach of their services remains almost the same. It is this basic approach and attitude towards the clients that the fire safety companies maintain, which gives Singaporeans a world of confidence.

A fire extinguisher is useless unless it can function fully. If the device cannot be used in case of emergencies, there is no point in installing one. Hence, apart from knowing how to use fire extinguishers, you have to take on the responsibility of servicing it as well.

Fire extinguisher servicing companies provide a wide plethora of services to its clients. The following are some of the services they provide.

Periodic inspections
Some companies in Singapore offer a monthly checkup service and an evaluation of maintenance measures. These checkups include inspection of the devices used in your premises by a trained technician. They clean it, check the pull pin, and replace it if it is found to be defective. At the end of everything, they report back to the client about the findings and the inspection they have made.

Annual Maintenance
In Singapore, it is a rule of thumb for any business or runners of commercial activities to have every fire extinguisher they have checked by established fire extinguisher servicing companies.  These companies are home to technicians who are licensed, highly skilled and experienced in this area. However, the license of these professionals varies in accordance to their specialization on the type of unit they inspect.

Hydrostatic testing and internal maintenance of the units
Fire extinguishing units have a propensity of being affected by store pressure. This is a serious issue and has to be dealt with by a certified technician with at least 10 to 12 years of experience. Only a comprehensive hydrostatic testing and a thorough internal maintenance will help the units get rid of this issue.

What difference do these premier companies make?
These highly rated servicing companies encourage the customers to be compliant with the local safety codes and regulations set by the Government, with regards to running a business and various commercial activities.

They help the customers keep their fire extinguisher equipment ready for emergencies and help them meet the required threshold set by the insurance companies. Most importantly, they promote and ensure an absolutely safe and healthy environment, which is a must for saving property and lives.  The technicians of these companies are trained and licensed to take care of the fire extinguishers in the best way. Besides, these companies come up with innovative technologies that help their clients manage their fire prevention and safety programs in a more successful way.


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