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What You Should Prepare In Case Of A Fire Emergency At Home

Fire emergencies at homes need two kinds of responses. One addresses to the preparations made beforehand, and the other is the immediate response. Installing a home fire extinguisher is just one part of the big plan.

Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

An ERP is a holistic plan with detailed responses to different kinds of disasters. It comprises of 3 major sub parts – the Fire Emergency Plan (FEP), In-place Protection Plan (IPP) and the Arson Prevention Plan (APP). One must be well versed with the kinds of fire and appropriate response to each as is detailed in the FEP. In case of an emergency, one’s response needs to corroborate with that design in this pamphlet. You must go through it if you haven’t already downloaded a copy and prepare yourself.

Home Fire extinguishers Singapore

While most public buildings are well equipped with appropriate home fire extinguishers in Singapore, a lot of private residences do not have them. If your house belongs to this category you must go out today and equip yourself better to face such an emergency. After having bought a home fire extinguisher that is best suited to your home you must then learn how to use it. There are 4 main steps in using a fire extinguisher –

First, remove the safety pin while holding the extinguisher upright.

Second, take aim at the bottom of the fire with the nozzle and try to take the source of the fire out.

Third, find the lever on top and the press it hard, allowing the agent to be released.

Fourth, move the extinguisher side to side and take the entire fire out.

Of course, do remember to service and maintain your fire extinguisher regularly.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

In case of an emergency, one must contact the nearest SCDF station as soon as possible. This task might be impossible in certain emergencies and may not even be required in others. However, it’s always better to call them up and inform them of the emergency. You should alert 995 in case of fire.

Sometimes the fire seems small, to begin with and you are sure you can combat it, but it heats up and before you know it, things start falling around you and the fire is out of control! There is a reason why a burning structure is termed unsafe. You don’t know when your home will start falling apart. So it is best to contact SCDF at the first sign of a big fire (even before you use the home fire extinguisher), evacuate, and wait.

Help others

Yes, it is important to aid and help the members of your family escape. However, one must always take care of themselves first! For example, if your family has a ready bag stowed away with important things like fire masks and fire hydrants, and you have been trained to remember this, you must get yourself a mask before taking care of others. Thus, if every member of the family is trained to take care of themselves, it’ll make the collective task of saving the entire family altogether easier than if no one has a clue what to do in a fire.

Don’t Panic

Last but not least, stay calm and carry out all the above instructions carefully. If you’re unable to recall that, just contact SCDF and make sure all members evacuate the building. Don’t forget to install one home fire extinguishers at home to protect yourself against any possible disaster.


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